Saturday, May 29, 2010

Logan Funny

I have to start writing down the funny things that Logan says so we don't forget!

Last night we were visiting at Heidi's. Logan and I came back upstairs from changing his diaper and the conversation went like this.

Heidi: Hey Logan! When are you going to start using the potty?

Logan: (looking at Heidi very honestly) Someday.

Crazy kid.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Just Hanging Out At Home

It's been a hot week! I'm not complaining though! We did put the AC unit in the window in our bedroom to help cool the bedrooms for sleeping but otherwise we're just trying to stay cool and out of the sun.

We set up the pool for the boys and we've been using it most afternoons. Jacob really likes to get in and splash around but Logan just likes to walk around. When I ask him to sit down beside Jacob he gives me one of two answers.

1. "No Mommy, I can't. It's too cold."
2. "No Mommy, it's all wet!"

I don't think he has sat down once yet. Well except for the time that he slipped....

Jacob checking out the temperature.

Logan splashing Jacob.

He loves the water.

"Ohh! Look Mommy! A ladybug!"

Getting in on the splashing.

I can't remember if I've posted before about Logan's obsession with the sled. He pulls it out of the shed almost every time we are in the backyard and pulls it around. This week he's been asking me when it will snow again so he can use the sled. I tell him it won't snow for a LONG time! However...we may need to take the sled with us when we go out west to visit Aunt Pamela!

On this particular day, I was taking laundry off the clothesline and Logan came over to me and said, "Mommy, Jacob want to go in sled." He had gotten the sled out of the shed and put it beside Jacob. So I went over and put Jacob in (thankfully it has a seatbelt!) and Logan pulled him around the yard.
It wasn't too easy to pull in the grass.

Jacob didn't seem to mind.

Since it was too hard to pull, he tried pushing.

And then he got in the sled too...

Giving Jacob his hat.

"Hey, give that back!"

"Ok, here you go."

Logan said "Look Mommy, Jacob is hiding."

"Where are you Jacob..."

"There you are!" (Jacob looks a little confused in this shot.)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Victoria Day with the Millers

On Monday afternoon, we headed to Scott's parent's place for an evening BBQ. Todd and Helena were there too with Joel as well as Scott's grandparents. The weather was great!

Logan spent most of his time hanging out with his buddy Copper and Joel and Jacob "played" together on the grass.

Copper is a good dog and Logan loves being able to pet him so much.

Good buddies.

"Say cheese Copper!"

Joel and Todd

Joel demonstrating his standing skills.

Jacob watching Joel crawl...maybe he'll catch on soon.

Logan playing in Gramma and Grampa's "sandbox". Or the patch of dirt where there is currently no grass...he'll be surprised next time we are there and there's grass growing.

I thought it was pretty funny how it took 3 adults to get Logan on the horse.

Trying to get Joel to smile...

...pretty close!

Joel holding Copper's paw.

Logan riding in the Sobey's car.

And for comparison sake...Logan when he was 5 months old driving the Sobey's car.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Daddy's Little Helper

Logan loves to help Scott do stuff around the house. Anything. It's pretty cute to watch him follow his daddy around "helping" him with various tasks. I've gathered a bunch of pics that I've taken recently of Logan helping.

Getting the toolbox ready.

He decided it was too heavy and asked daddy to help him carry it.

Logan worked hard here. He pulled all the pieces out and then asked Scott what each one was as he put it back.

"I got 2 screwdrivers, Mommy. Red and black. I help Daddy."

Getting the new rain barrel hooked up.

I scored this awesome Bob the Builder set at a garage sale a couple of weeks back.

Fixing the door knob. It's pretty cute how his belly is hanging out here too!

He keeps all his tools (including his prized flashlight) in a toolbox that daddy gave him.

Last night after dinner we headed outside and Scott cut the grass. Next time I'll take a video of Logan cutting it along with him. He did EVERYTHING that Scott did.

Starting up the lawnmowers.

Waving to Jacob and I.

Following Daddy around the pool.


More Weekend Pics

On Monday morning we headed out to the park after Jacob woke up from his nap. This park is across the street from the area that we live in and is a great park. The boys and I often go there and then walk through the treed area in behind during the week but Scott doesn't often get to go.

I realized once we got going that I didn't change the battery in the camera so Scott ran home to get the other one. The battery never died though when we were out...oops. Thanks Scott!

I love how when the canopy is fully extended on the stroller you can only see Jacob's little feet.

Walking through a field of dandelions. (If you click on this picture to make it bigger, you can see that they are swinging their arms in sync.)

Yes, he's about to eat my flip flop. I took it away right after I snapped the picture.

The ducks that we visit regularly.

We realized just before we got home that Jacob's hat was over his eyes. He wasn't sleeping, but he wasn't complaining either, just riding along with no way to see.

My mom bought me a really cool hanging basket that is a strawberry plant! Here's Logan picking the first berry on Monday.

And tasting it! We've had several since then, they are so good.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Our Little Music Man

Recently Logan discovered my iPod. He went around for a while asking to see my "phone" and I finally realized that he was talking about the iPod. So I put some of his music on it and let him listen, he loved it!

This week I found a great pair of headphones for kids that looked like they would stay on his head well and claimed to lower the volume on the their own. Since the earbuds kept falling out of his ears I though this would be a great option.

Listening intently.

Mastering the art of taking them on and off.

He still thinks it is a phone he is, probably calling Bubba.

Everytime the screen goes black, he pushes the button to make it light up again.

Showing daddy how it works. (Cute picture, too!)

I've since put the headphones (and the iPod) away so that they will still be exciting when we go to visit Pamela. The headphones should also come in handy on the airplane too.