Thursday, February 17, 2011

Winter Days

Not much has been going on this week. On Tuesday, we had a couple of our neighbour's kids over while they were in a daycare jam. They are around the same age as Logan and Jacob so it made for a fun; but busy morning!

Miss Emily eating a muffin. She was happy to pose whenever she saw the camera.
Logan and Olivia check out the race track.
They tried to get as many cars on it as possible.
The two girls were quite intrigued by the hole in the door which leads to the basement.

We went attended one of our favourite playgroups on Wednesday morning. Whenever we get there Logan goes straight to the play washer/dryer/ironing board and begins to iron. It is always really strange to me when he does this as I'm pretty sure he has NEVER seen me iron..

With the nicer temperatures, we've made it outside most days this week too which is totally exciting. It's a pretty wet adventure though...with the quick thaw that's happening there are big puddles everywhere. If we get out tomorrow, I'll have to remember my camera!

Jacob really likes the cats. Unfortunately, they aren't too fond of either of the kids. Sigmund, however, does try to stick around and let Jacob love her a bit once and a while. He's taken to "cuddling" with her when he finds her sleeping on her big pillow.

(There are a lot of pictures here but I didn't know which ones to choose).

If you look closely in this one, you can see Peanut hiding in the cat house in the background. You'll notice in the next picture that she is gone.

I love this one! What a patient kitty she is.

When she's eventually had enough, she does get out of there which always leaves Jacob quite sad.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

We didn't do anything really special for Valentine's Day yesterday. Scott and I actually went out for dinner on Sunday while Logan and Jacob went to Heidi's house to play with her and the dogs!

The table set for Valentine's dinner.

One of my Valentines...they like to use the Wii Balance Board as a dance stage!

A very dark picture of me and another Valentine.

Had to add this one. He's probably upset because I won't let him hold the camera.
Valentine's supper - heart shaped pancakes, bacon, potatoes and strawberries. Yum!

Snow Fun!

We have had a lot of snow accumulate. It's hard for me to take the kids out since Jacob can't go IN the snow because he's too little. Scott took Logan out a couple of time this weekend though and he loved it! (I took most of these pictures through the window, that's why the colour looks a bit off).

Trying to climb up the mountain of snow.
Emerging from the other side!
That's a lot of snow!
He was really struggling to stand up but didn't want any help.
He managed to stand up and then slid down the other side!
Making a snowman.
Letting Daddy do most of the work.
The snow was pretty deep and he needed help walking across the lawn!
Putting on the snowman's nose.
And mouth!
The boys and their snowman.
Happy boy!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Cookies

 I don't really like sugar cookies usually since I find them to be quite tasteless and too crunchy for my liking; but, I found a sugar cookie recipe that claimed to make soft sugar cookies. So I gave it a try.The recipe said it would make 5 dozen cookies. I thought this would be good as I'd be able to give some away, send some to work with Scott and still have some left over.

Here's the recipe I used, Soft White Cookies.

Maybe I made mine thinner than the recipe called for, or smaller...but it made a few more than 5 dozen.

This isn't all of them...I think I got about 10 dozen!
Then we got to the fun of decorating them!

Jacob tries his hand at decorating.

But really, he prefers to just eat!

Happy guy.
Scott did the icing...

Logan did the sprinkling!
Happy Valentines Day!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

What we've been up to...



 Being silly...

 Watching the fireplace...

Trying to leave our eyes open in pictures!

It's cold. Really cold. We don't get outside much. So we just hang out at home. Exciting, isn't it?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Panama: The Rest

Oops...I just found this post that I never finished or posted. Here are the rest of the pictures from our trip. They're backwards, but I don't feel like switching them here they are!

On the bus, heading back to the airport :(

Jacob looking out the window.
A tired boy eating breakfast.
My view on the last morning.
Two boys before supper.
He looks SO big.
Just hanging out on the beach.
Digging in the sand.
Sharing an ice cream.

Nice watch...:)
One night at dinner.
I was there too!
Jenn and I.
Relaxing on our patio.
Jacob loves to sit on things and dangle his feet.
My three guys walking.
It must have been good!