Sunday, May 27, 2012

Jacob's Last Dance Class

Jacob took a dance class with Scott at the Rec Centre which also ended this week. Unfortunately, the class ended up pretty small with several of the kids dropping out but Jacob really enjoyed it and loved showing off his skills to anyone who would watch during the week.

It was hard to get good pictures of him since everytime he looked at the camera he posed. I got a few good action shots though.

Getting ready to start.
Standing with daddy.
Touch your toes!
Hands on your hips!
Crazy arms!
Dancing to a song and doing "Number 1 Rockstar!"
More action songs.
Flying like a butterfly.
Daddy is such a trooper. :)
Playing the maracas.
Star jump!
Bending down to do a jump.
Jacob still can't really jump but he does put a lot of effort in!
Running to the next hoop.
Getting his star and certificate from his teacher.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Logan's Last Gymnastics Class

Logan finished up another session at Shining Star Athletics this week. He's taken classes here with Coach Kate before and really enjoyed them. I was so happy when I was able to get him into a class this session since he's been asking since the fall to take gymnastics again.

He's learned a lot this time around and has definitely gotten better at a lot of the tasks. When he started in his first session, he didn't even want to jump off a block that was about a foot off the ground. Now he's walking on balance beams and jumping all over the place. It was really fun to get to watch him enjoying himself so much.

Talking about what they'll be doing during the class.
Getting ready to run!
Doing the crab walk!
Warm up stretches.
Once the warm ups are done, Kate sets up "circuits" for the kids to go through to practice their skills. This way they are able to work independently and she can step in to help them as they need it!

Logan completing a donkey kick.
Setting up to do a handstand...
...with a little help. :)
Patiently waiting his turn.
This time a somersault!
Just a little help this time.
Good finish.
Swinging on the bar.
Rolling a ball down the balance beam and into the tunnel.
A little hula hoop action.
Jacob was a great spectator but was even happier when he got to join in.
Tricky! A hula hoop down the balance beam.
His entire class waiting on the rainbow mat for the next circuit to be set up.
Kind of a dark picture but this time he spun around the bar!
I'm sure Logan will be asking if he can start gymnastics again soon!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Long Weekend Gardening

We spent the long weekend at home trying to get a long list of "to-dos" done. I'm happy to report that it was all completed and because of the gorgeous weather, we were able to get all our gardening done too!

Adding some compost to the front garden.
Working together.
In the backyard we planted cucumbers, green peppers and tomatoes to go along with the peas and carrots we planted earlier in the spring.
The boys really like to help water but until the plants get a bit bigger, I've been doing most of it on my own.
They start out so gently and then end up DUMPING water on the poor, small plants.
Or, they try so hard to be gentle and don't tip the watering can enough to make much water come out, haha.
Logan helps with the planting.
Jacob get SO dirty playing outside.
The boys eventually got bored and played with the slide in the backyard.

They like to put that bucket at the end and roll their balls down the slide.
Action shot.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was just last weekend, so I'm not doing too badly in keeping caught up here!

My mom and I spent Friday night and all day Saturday together. We went to the Centre in the Square on Friday night to see the KW Symphony along with some Chinese acrobats, it was a cool show. Then we got up on Saturday and headed to Sheridan Nurseries to check out the plants. We didn't buy anything, but got some good ideas. We then continued on to Stratford where we had lunch at a new restaurant, Sunroom. I think we'll go back there for sure! And then to see the Pirates of Penzance at the Festival. It was a great couple of days! 

On Sunday we went out to brunch with Scott's family and then spent the rest of the day at home.

The boys and I.

Everyone making funny faces.

Close up.

More funny faces.
 After supper we decided to walk to McDonalds for ice cream. The walk there was alright but the walk home was a bit much for this pregnant lady! I don't think we'll be walking that far again for a while!

We pulled the wagon but neither of the boys needed to ride in it; they walked the whole way!

Scott's self portrait...I guess he wanted to prove that he was there too!

I need to remember to ask for a smaller amount of ice cream for the boys. They eat it all but it takes forever!

Classic Jacob.

Watching the cars go by and eating ice cream.

Jacob needs to be reminded to turn his cone and lick the other side every once and a while.

Logan only dropped his cone on the ground once. :)
See? He really was there!