Saturday, April 25, 2009

Logan's First Haircut

So after sporting a small mullet for a bit too long, we finally got Logan's hair cut on Friday afternoon. It was a rather traumatic experience for all involved but the end product looks great. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Playing before the haircut, without knowing what was coming next...

At this point, she hadn't even started cutting yet, he freaked out as soon as she put the cape on him.

Mommy trying to console didn't work.

All done but still upset, get me out of here!

Enough with the pictures people...

A view of the finished product from the top, he even got some wax in his hair to style it.

From the side (still with a red face from the crying)

And the biggest difference...from the back!

We took him to a cool place that specializes in kids cuts since I had a feeling it might not go too well. It didn't take long at all and everyone was so nice. Logan got a cool certificate marking his first hair cut with a piece of his hair. I'm secretly hoping it won't grow back too fast...the fewer haircuts like that, the better!

Here's a picture that I thought was cool that I took later that night when we walked to the park. I think Logan looks like such a BIG boy in this picture.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

We now have a Sandbox!

Yesterday was a gorgeous day so we spent most of the day outside. Logan and I met up with Heidi at Victoria Park in the morning to play for a bit.

Testing out his new hat which he actually kept on pretty well!

We had a fun time with Heidi playing and walking around at the park. Logan loved watching the geese and playing with sticks in the water! After playing for a bit we headed to Tim Hortons for a snack. Just before we left, Logan even said "Heidi" (or a pretty close rendition anyways). I hope that made your day, Heidi!

While we were gone, Scott was busy here at the house building a sandbox for Logan in the backyard. Logan LOVES to be outside and we don't have many outside toys, so this was a very necessary addition to the yard.

It was love at first sight! He's going to love this all summer.

A shot of almost the whole box.

Daddy and Logan playing together.

If you click on this picture, you should be able to see the big grin on his face!

Scott's parents came over for a visit yesterday afternoon and stayed for dinner.

Grandma pulling Logan in his wagon.

On another note, Logan is now 18 months old! Wow, it's hard to believe he's that old already. He certainly is growing his own personality and is challenging us every day. Here are a couple pictures of our little man!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend Fun..Picture Overload

After work and daycare on Thursday, Logan and I had supper and headed out to a park in our neighbourhood. He had so much fun, it was hard to pull him away to come home. Between not wanting to leave and me belting him into the wagon (so he didn't repeatedly stand up), he cried most of the way home.

Coming down the slide.

Since Scott was bowling at the Ontario Open this past weekend and would be gone from home for most of the weekend, Logan and I packed some stuff up and headed to my parent's place for a couple of days. So my mom came and picked us up on Friday morning. We had a great time in Norwich!

We played in the basement for a while, grandma has toys down there too for Logan and we don't always spend much time down there so he had fun exploring.

Here he is checking out the little rocking chair.

Logan's poor diapers haven't seen much sun this winter so they were in desperate need of being hung outside. Mom has a much bigger clothesline that I do so I took all the diapers so they could get some get some good sun time in. While we were outside hanging up the diapers (which I forgot to take a picture of) Logan explored the backyard.

Finding a ball in the shed.

I thought this was a cute picture of him trying to close the shed door.

Bringing in the airplanes! (Dad, you may need to remeasure where those flags were...)

We spent the rest of the day just hanging out. Logan spent some time getting to know grandpa better and was always VERY intrigued with whatever grandpa was doing. I'm happy to say that after a couple days together, Logan is much more sure of grandpa and likes him!

Scott came and spent the night in Nowich on Friday after bowling and then he and dad and I (Logan stayed in Norwich with grandma) headed back to Hamilton in the morning as his team was competing in the finals. They ended up in third place which is a great finish! I was glad to be able to make it to watch at least a couple of games. Scott had to stay to attend the banquet that night so dad and I headed back to Norwich.

After Logan's nap, mom and I took him to a great park where he had fun exploring.

Getting ready to head up the ramp.

Peek a boo!

After coming down the slide...

Trying out a cool teeter totter type thing...well mom and I thought it was cool, Logan wasn't too sure.

When we got back to the house, Logan opened his Easter gifts and then went down for another nap while mom and dad and I had our Easter dinner.

Grandpa helping Logan with his new gardening set.

Mom was heading to Kitchener on Saturday night so she dropped Logan and I off at home before heading to her concert. We had dinner and unpacked before Logan went to bed, at 7:45pm! This is huge, usually it's barely 7pm when he goes to bed, he stayed up until 8pm on Friday as well!

Scott was home on Sunday morning, Logan was so excited to see him when he woke up. They played together lots in the morning! The Easter bunny didn't make it to our house for Easter morning but he did visit during Logan's nap, so when Logan woke up, he had his egg hunt!

Logan attended an Easter party at daycare on Thursday last week so he knew how to look for eggs and to be excited about what was in them, so he was right into it at our place.

Finding his first egg.

He wasn't too impressed with the eggs that had socks in them!

Found another! Hopefully there will be something better in this one.

YES! Candy!

Playing with the grass from his Easter basket.

Drumming on his new pail.

Scott and Logan spent some quality time together playing in the afternoon and then heading to the park before dinner.

The boys and their toys.

When Scott got home and showed me these last two pictures, he said "guess what happened next..."

It was a busy but fun we're back to work and daycare again!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Another Weekend Over

We had a relatively uneventful weekend. We had hoped to go to the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival but it was way to cold and windy on Saturday to enjoy it. We headed out to Babies R Us to pick up a gift for a shower and grabbed some great finds from Value Village.

Logan doing some drawing at his table before we went out.

We picked out paint colours for Logan's new room and bought a new toilet which Scott is installing upstairs tonight. Other than that, we just lounged around home. Here are some pictures of Logan having fun at home.

I think he looks funny in this picture.

He wore this shirt again...although I think it's too was more like a belly shirt!

Trying on mommy's glasses.

Checking out Cheeto's "eyes". Apparently he now knows where eyes are. He points to them and says "eyes" kid!

Day off with Mommy

So, as usual I'm a bit behind, oops. On Monday, I took the day off to spend the day with Logan, it was a great day.

After breakfast we watched some Treehouse TV.

Then Logan showed off his climbing skills by scaling his change table.

We brushed our teeth together.

Once we were ready we headed to Cambridge to see Scott at work. Logan wasn't sure about all they guys in hard hats. It was super cold on the job site that day too so they were all bundled up as well.

From there we headed to Yorkdale to have lunch with Riann. I was hoping Logan would nap on the way to the mall since we'd be there right over his normal naptime. He dropped his bear when we were driving and I couldn't reach it. I hoped for a while that he would fall asleep, but he didn't. So finally I pulled off the highway to get it forhim. He fell asleep almost instantly; lesson learned....give him bear if he needs it, you'll get a better nap!

We got to Yorkdale and browsed around a bit before meeting Riann.

Logan liked this dog he found at a toy store.

And this dog he found at Old Navy.

We met up with Ri and she bought Logan a few books about becoming a big brother then we headed to the Pickle Barrel (YUM!) for lunch. Logan was a champ through lunch and entertained us thoroughly. The three of us browsed the mall for a bit after lunch and before Ri had to catch the subway to work. Logan and I headed home shortly after she left and he took another nap on the way home.

Once we got home, Logan looked at his new books.

Looks like he really liked this one!

Here he is sitting at his table reading another one.

After reading his books, he sat on the couch with me. It looks like he's telling Peanut what he learned in his books, and preparing her for another baby too!

I don't know if you can tell but her tail is all puffed up in this picture...he must have scared her with what he said! (Or it could have been that she got mad when he pulled her tail).

It was a fun day together...

He looks pretty happy here!