Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Mish Mash of Things

Again, it's been about a week (or more) since I last posted...oops. Because of that, today's post will be all over the board.

Logan's walking is going really well. He walks pretty much all the time, and if he falls or trips he gets right back up to walking again rather than choosing to crawl. He crawls a lot when he's playing outside (which allows him to get SO wet and dirty) but I think it's because he's always all bundled looks like it would be hard to walk so that's likely why he chooses to crawl so often.

Other than that he's working on expanding his vocabulary as well. He now "meow's" like a cat, repeats "thank you" and he says the word "bear". Ok so maybe it doesn't sound exactly like "bear" but he says it whenever he brings over his "Brown Bear, Brown Bear..." book to be read...which he loves! (Thanks Aunt Susan...I think we all have the book memorized since we read it so much!) So on top of his other words he's definitely getting quite "chatty".

Something that he's decided he likes to do is sweep. He loves to push the broom around, which is actually quite helpful. I'm on the look out for a child-sized broom, if you see one, let me know!

Mommy's little helper

The pictures that follow are a random assortment from the last little while.

Daddy encouraging bad habits like sticking out your tongue!

Drinking the cat water, just like the cats! The cats dip their paws in the water and then lick the water off, I think Logan was trying to copy them...things got VERY wet after this photo was taken...


Today we were out and decided to buy Logan a pair of rubber boots. Even if spring might not be here REALLY soon, I'm anticipating it so I thought it was important to get boots. I love the boots we got, they're so cute! Especially on my model...

Do you like my boots?

Sitting like a big boy.

This one's a bit blurry - the boots have little ducks on them with umbrellas!

Logan is usually pretty fussy between dinner and bedtime because he's so tired from the day's events. Today he wasn't though for some reason, so we had fun playing in the basement before bedtime.

Daddy and Logan

Recently I put all Logan's baby toys away in a bin, but the bin never made it to the basement. Tonight Logan got it open and played with all his old toys again. Here he is pulling out some old treasures!

Happy on the couch

Modeling daddy's belt.

Me and my boy!

Phew, that was a lot of pictures...hope you enjoyed them all!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Visit from Uncle Scott

My brother is home for reading week this week so he stopped by to visit Logan and I on Monday.

We had a good morning and it was fun to see Scott and Logan really interacting.

Since it was such a nice day, we bundled Logan up and took him to the park in his wagon.

He played on the swings.

And climbed up the stairs to the slide...

Where Uncle Scott helped him come down!

We spent quite a bit of time playing at the park, Logan might have wanted to stay longer but I got cold! We came home and Scott played some Guitar Hero...while Logan helped!

We had lunch with Scott and then he headed out when I put Logan down for a nap. We had a fun morning!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fun Morning at Kidzone!

This morning we decided to take Logan to Kidzone and see how he liked it. It's a local indoor play place. We weren't sure how much would be geared to his age or skill level (considering he's still very wobbly on his feet) but we thought we'd give it a try.

We got there just after it opened and there were already quite a few families there. Logan took quite a while taking every thing in and getting used to all the noise and everything going on around him.

First we went to the ball pit. Logan sat there for about 5 minutes and just stared at everything before he got going.

He's probably wondering, what do you want me to do?

After some time in the ball pit we headed over to a small toddler area there were a few slides, a smaller ball pit and a pirate ship thing.

Going down the slide

Coming out of the pirate ship. He loved opening and closing the door.

After walking (and crawling) around the toddler area, Scott thought he'd take Logan up into the rest of the play structure. There were so many kids running through by this point, but Scott said Logan loved it.
Crawling away from daddy.

Walking through the obstacles.

Looking down from up high. I think this is where they saw me down below. Scott said one of Logan's favourite parts was hanging onto the sides and looking down.

They finished up and came down (by slide) and the three of us took a walk around. There are lots of arcade games you can play to get tickets for little prizes (kind of like Chuck E Cheese) but we didn't do any of them, Logan just watched others in awe.

He climbed onto this DDR game and started bouncing and clapping his hands, it's like he knew what to do!

We headed out shortly after that. We figured that we could get home and shovel some lunch into Logan before his nap even though he was already quite tired. He fell asleep in the car (a 5 minute ride home) and didn't wake up as we brought him into the house and took off his coat and stuff. This is very unusual for Logan who always wakes up as soon as we turn the car off. So we figured we wouldn't be able to get lunch into him and put him in his crib where he had a good nap. It was 2pm before he had lunch! It must have been a fun morning for him!

Totally passed out on the couch.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's Official!

He's a toddler!

After some wondering about if Logan would EVER walk, I think it's safe to say, he's there now.

This week he's made some huge progress and not only can he walk and chooses to walk more than crawling (most of the time) he can also spontaneously stand up in the middle of the room without holding on to anything.

Logan is still pretty wobbly on his feet but he's getting faster and more sturdy every day.

I'm glad that Logan wasn't an early walker and we enjoy the (many) months of crawling that he had but we're also excited that he's a walker now and moving onto the next stage.

I've been trying to get a good video but haven't had any luck yet, I'll keep working on it.

Thanks Aunt Pamela!

Logan received a parcel in the mail on Thursday. He was home with Grandma that day and she had to put it up on top of the fridge because he tried to open it as soon as she handed it to him.

After dinner, we brought it down from the fridge and took it downstairs to open it...this was a very serious process for Logan.

Once he got it open, he loved what was inside and knew what to do with it right away!

Thanks! He loves the cup a lot, especially since when he shakes it some water comes out...he thinks that's great!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

By Request

So my sister seems to think it's been a while since I posted last...I guess it has.

Not much has been going on though around here so there isn't too much to say.

On Friday I took off work a little bit early, we picked Logan up at daycare and headed to Colin and Mindy's in Cambridge. Julie was in the area for a visit so we all got together, it was great times as usual. I had my camera but only took a couple pictures since I got busy chatting with Mindy and Julie...that seems to happen everytime! Here are a couple though...

Logan and Bella

Logan reading a book...we really need to get him one of these chairs!

Yesterday we had swimming lessons and then I headed out to a baby shower for a friend. Logan was pretty tired and cranky all day since we were out a bit late on Friday so he had a really early bed time...and so did I

Today we went to Norwich for the day. We met my parents at church and then went to their place for lunch and a visit. Logan likes playing will all the different toys at grandma's house. He's also starting to feel more comfortable around grandpa, which is great!

Logan and grandpa reading a it was my dad's baby book...I don't think there were many pictures so Logan lost interest fast!

And before I go, here are a couple more random pictures...maybe next time I'll have more to post about...hope this is satisfactory Pamela!

Logan always rides his car backwards now.

Standing in the snowbank.