Friday, October 30, 2009

A New Park & Getting Ready for Hallowe'en!

We're getting into a nice little grove here at home while we try to figure out our days and how to keep busy and out of trouble. Jacob is having some issue napping in his crib and if I can't get him to nap, he just gets crankier and crankier. So getting out of the house is essential since he always sleeps in his carseat. Yesterday we set out on a walk and to play at a new park.

The park was a hit! The structure was awesome and easy for Logan to climb all over without help. There were 4 or 5 different slides as well. Logan loves climbing and has taken to climbing lots of stuff in our house so it was nice to find something that he liked to climb that he wouldn't get in trouble for! We will definitely be visiting this park again soon.

Cautiously going over the bridge. He would walk slowly up the one side and then RUN down the other side.

Ready to go down the slide.
At the bottom.

Climbing up the tires. He could do this by himself - first try!

Climbing up the ladder, again all by himself.

Once we were done at the park Logan got back in the stroller and we headed on our walk. We walked through a nice treed area where we saw lots of people walking their dogs and a whole bunch of ducks which Logan liked. We got into a residential area and saw so many of Logan's favourite things - the recycling truck, the mailman (well mailwoman in this case) and a skid steer and helping some guys plant trees. He was in heaven seeing all these things and didn't complain once on the walk.

We came through the mall to pick up a few things that we needed and then came home. One of the highlights of the day around here is seeing the mailman and checking the mail. Logan loves seeing the mailman and is even so observant that he recognizes the Canada Post logo when we're out and about. So when we got home we checked the mail and sure enough we had some. Once we find there is mail, he asks to open something so I have to find something that is ok for him to open; which means something that is ok to be ripped if that happens.

Opening "his" mail - a letter from Weed Man.

Those activities take us to lunch time and then after nap the afternoon is quite short until Scott gets home. For now, letting Jacob fall asleep in the carseat is the best option as I can spend some time with Logan and then Jacob is easier to get down for the rest of the day so there will likely be many more trips to the park. Hopefully the weather continues to co-operate.

Today we had the task of carving the pumpkin. So when Logan woke up from his nap, we put some newspaper on the floor in the kitchen and Scott and Logan got to it. I wasn't sure what Logan would think of pulling the insides of the pumpkin out, but he loved it! A little tentative at first but that wore off and he had a great time.

Logan and Blue Bear watching Daddy draw the face on the pumpkin.

Pulling off the top - Logan is still a bit nervous at this point.

The first time he put his hand in he pulled out the smallest amount ever. I thought that cleaning out the pumpkin might take forever.

Getting a big handful this time. I love the look on his face.

Checking to see what's left inside.

Is he a ham or what?

Supervising daddy as he carves the face.

In the meantime, Jacob and I were watching the action and I was trying to get some good pictures of him.

Happy little boy!

Showing off his milky little tongue.

He looks like he's deep in thought here.

Logan trying his hand at carving. He was concentrating so hard.

Next I had the bright idea to take some pictures of both boys together with the pumpkin

Jacob posing with the jack-o-lantern.

Trying to get them both in position (Logan didn't like his spot).

In this shot, Logan was telling us that he wanted Jacob to sit beside him.

So we did what he wanted...Jacob doesn't look too impressed.

Cute little boys!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend and Week in Review

So there's lots that I want to get posted on here from the last few weeks but I think I'll skip ahead to this past week and then work on the others later.

With Pamela back in Alberta :( we were on our own again. Remembering how to do things without an extra set of hands and how to fill our days without her to play with (a post about her visit will come...).

We spent most of the week just hanging out at home playing with Logan's new birthday toys (a post about this will come..). Mom came for a visit on Thursday when we took our weekly trip to the doctor for Jacob. He now weighs in at 7lbs 13.5oz, not a heavyweight by any means but a healthy little boy. Healthy enough that we get to go to the doctor biweekly now!

Anyways, here follows the week in pictures.

Jacob is now smiling quite a bit, I'm trying to catch the smiles on camera...


Logan concentrating hard on one of his new puzzles (and talking to Buba on his pretend phone)

Logan has many expressions these days and continues to be quite a ham for the camera as displayed below.

Friday is laundry day at our house. Logan likes to help me put the clothes in the washer and dryer and as pictured about, likes to dress himself with the clean clothes as well.

Using the cat house to get a better view.

Still trying to capture a good smile.

Scott's mom and dad came by on Saturday morning to drop off Logan's birthday gift and to visit as well.

Playing with his new train/car mat with grandma (and wearing his train conductor hat from Uncle Scott).

Letting Blue Bear in on the action.

Reading with Grandma.

We'd been trying to get to the pumpkin patch for quite some time so we braved the weather on Saturday to pick out our pumpkins. It was so cold, windy and rainy but Logan seemed to have fun. It appears though that we should have waited since the weather was SO nice today. I got a few pictures anyways.

Checking his height.

"I like this one mom!"

Trying to pull the pumpkins.

Picture of the boys...Jacob is there, under the blanket.

Showing off his pumpkin holding skills...always with 2 hands, never hold it just by the stem.

Always on a mission to splash in puddles.

Carefully bringing his pumpkin home.

Trying AGAIN to get the smiles...

Since it was nice out today, Scott and Logan headed outside to rake up the backyard.

Loving the leaves!

Throwing the leaves in the air.

Taking a break for a snack.

Helping daddy clean up the leaves.

Logan and the 3 cats seem to have a love/hate relationship. Logan LOVES the cats but is so loud everytime he sees them that he scares them away; his screams can clear the room of the cats in no time. When I came inside today they were all sleeping so peacefully.


Peanut and Cheeto

Logan soon followed and cleared them from the room. Hopefully they had already gotten enough sleep.

Logan loves playing in his bed and wanted Jacob in his bed today too. They were so cute together.

All cozy in bed.

Brothers (yes, Jacob is trying to find something to eat from Tigger.)

Phew, what a week. Lots of pictures and lots of memories!