Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Hamburg Fall Fair

Logan has been singing "Old MacDonald" a lot lately. SO I thought it would be good to get him to a fall fair to see some farm animals in real life. The New Hamburg fair was on this weekend so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity.

I've been to a lot of fall fairs. Growing up, I was in 4H and showed my sheep yearly in the fall fair circuit. My mom actually mentioned to me that she had been to the New Hamburg fair before and that it certainly wasn't the greatest of fairs. Ok, that's alright, I thought. Just so long as we see some animals.

You'll notice in the pictures, there are no animals. We saw some cows as the 4H kids were showing them. We saw 4 sheep and some horses. Nothing else. Logan really wanted to see pigs, he talked about it the whole way there.

Conclusion? Mom was right. The New Hamburg fair is nothing to write home about...especially for a "fall fair veteran". We'll choose a different fair next year.

Nonetheless...I did take SOME pictures.

Once he saw the rides, he'd forgotten about the lack of pigs.

Mr. Serious, driving a car.

I sent Scott on the carousel alone so that I could take pictures since it was Jacob's first time.

See how well it's going? Jacob was freaking out and trying to get off.

Holding on for dear life.

Not exactly the best 1st merry-go-round experience. We'll try again next year.

On the motorcycle...just like Grandpa, as Logan said.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Thanks Aunt Pamela!

It rained last Thursday. Pretty much ALL day. We didn't have the car. It was a long day.

Logan helped me put supper together and then wanted to wash the dishes. Great, he wants to help. Usually, Logan washing the dishes is umm...let's just say...wet. But we needed stuff to do so I let him.

But, I remembered about the apron that Aunt Pamela had bought for Logan on her trip to Europe. So we pulled that out and it at least helped keep part of him dry!

This kept him busy for at least 40 mins!

Showing off the apron. Thanks!

Apple Picking

On Friday after naps, we headed to St. George to an apple orchard to pick some apples. I've always wanted to go apple picking and thought it would be a fun activity since fall seems to be creeping in. Plus, the way that our kids eat applesauce, I thought it would be neat to try making my own.

The weather wasn't too cool and thankfully it wasn't too muddy despite all the rain we'd had so we had a great time!

Heading out into the trees!

Logan got right in there.

Jacob making his way toward the apples.

Filling up the bag...

A pretty perfect looking apple.

"Let me just taste this one..."

"I think this one will taste better..."

"Yep! It does."

Logan and I picking together.

Another pretty nice looking apple.

All done picking, getting ready to head back to the car.

Jacob, modeling his new "cheese" face.

Enjoying some apples a couple days later.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just Being Kids

Our neighbour washed his van the other day and his daughter and Logan had a blast playing in the water that collected at the end of the driveway. It was a chilly day but they didn't seem to mind being wet in the least! A first reaction would have been to tell them to stay out of the water but I'm so glad we let them do it, they had such a great time!

She was the first one in. Logan is looking around thinking "Hey! Is anyone going to stop her?"

He decided to just join her!

Happy guy!

Splashing is best done with all the body parts!

They were running through the water and then onto the dry sidewalk, checking out their footprints.

The van didn't really stay very clean...


It was a bit like bumper cars.

Facing off.

Action shot.

She finds the hose...Logan's outta there!

Popping soap bubbles.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Random Pictures

Just some pictures that were on the camera tonight when I uploaded to the computer.

Sleeping Sigmund; the cats don't get featured enough on the blog!

Attractive, isn't he?

Scott and Logan built a birdfeeder recently (the green thing hanging from the tree in the middle of this picture) and it gets lots of squirrel visitors. The other day there were 4 out there at once trying to get at it!

Logan was playing with his car this afternoon and decided that he needed to fix it. So he went inside, got his tool box and hard hat, brought them outside and got to work!

Jacob's really exploring these days and checking everything out. He really gets around by crawling and cruising around.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Does this look familiar?

I took this picture of Jacob on Saturday. I went down to the basement to get something, turned around and saw his head poking through. I yelled for Scott to bring me the camera so I could get the picture.

It reminded me of this which I posted almost exactly 2 years ago!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mighty Machines

Scott took Logan to the Mighty Machines showcase in Kitchener last year before Jacob and I were discharged from the hospital. This year we all went together.

Basically, it's a bunch of trucks, tractors and constructions vehicles in one place for kids to climb on and explore. In some cases however, I'm not sure who is more excited, the kids or the parents...

We had to park on top of a hill and then walk down to the show. It made for a cool picture.

Working the controls.

I really wanted a picture of the two of them in the scoop of the high hoe...it didn`t work out so well...

Checking out another digger.

Jacob just hung out in the stroller; what a happy guy!

I think this was a cement truck...

Jacob enjoying his lunch.

Trying out a cheezie for the first time...


Maybe a future as a dump truck driver?

A failed attempt at a shot of the three of us on the fire truck.

Posing on the garbage truck; one of his favs!

And the recycling truck.

It was a fun morning but it was REALLY busy. You had to wait in line to get a chance in almost all of the vehicles and there were horns constantly going off. I suggested to Scott that he takes the boys on his own next year since they all seemed to have fun!