Monday, June 30, 2008

Love for the Slinky

So Logan's new favourite toy is his slinky. We got it for free at the Baby and Toddler Show at Bingemans last month. It's cheap, made of plastic and doesn't actually go down stairs but he loves it.

Today I attended the memorial service of a 17 year old boy. Chris was the son of one of my previous supervisors, Barb, at UW, he died in a car accident last week. Barb and her husband Randy are coping but are obviously devastated, please remember them in your prayers as the try to figure out where their lives will go now.

While I had an emotional afternoon there, Logan got to spend the afternoon playing with his daddy. They had fun together.

Somehow my blog got a bunch of hits this afternoon...who is out there reading it?

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Trip to Norwich

Mom and Dad's backyard

Today we went to Norwich to visit Logan's grandma and grandpa Dolson. We were hoping to be able to swim, but it was pretty windy and cloudy so we opted not to and instead just sat on the deck.

Logan lounging on the deck

The new chair that Grandma bought for Logan

We had a nice lunch and visit and Scott helped to finish off the family room in their basement which had some water leaking issues in the winter. Since Scott's birthday is this week, he got a nice gift from Mom and Dad.

Scott checking out his new laser level

Logan and I (with my mom) are heading to NB next week to see Pamela. So I'll be busy this week getting ready for that. Logan seems to recognize his Grandma now, which is good since we'll be spending a week together. He loves to laugh when he sees her.

Logan and Grandma

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lazy Saturday

The weather here today was hot, muggy and overcast. Boo. Not a great day for a Saturday. Logan had a rough night last night so we were all pretty tired when we (ok he) woke up.

We had a surprise visit from Logan's grandma and grandpa Miller who were in the area. They stopped by just as we were finishing breakfast, before Logan needed a nap. He was able to show off a couple tricks and smile for them.

He had a great nap this morning (I guess the 3 hour gap of no sleep last night caught up with him). So that was nice.

We headed out to Babies R Us to pick up a new Pack N Play this afternoon. We've had one all this time that we've been borrowing from worked pretty well. I got frustrated though because Logan had such a hard time falling asleep in it as it was so small, especially narrow. Last weekend when we were camping, Arminta and her girls came to visit and she let us know that the Pack N Play we were borrowing was smaller than usual. This was good to know as we were wondering how and where Logan would sleep in August when we go to Music Camp for a week. So off to Babies R Us to get a regular full size one! (Thanks Scott and Carolyn for lending us the other can have it back now!)

That's about all we did today...Logan's sleeping now, all is quiet.

Here are a couple pictures from our day today.

Look what I can do!

I LOVE the camera!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Logan - 8.5months

Logan is 8.5 months old now, hard to believe! He is certainly growing and changing every day, becoming less and less like a little baby and more and more like a little boy.

He finally mastered sitting unassisted about a month ago. It was a long time coming and we were very happy when we knew that we could just sit him down anywhere. He loves the independence of being able to sit on his own, especially since this gives him a great ability to grab at the cats as they walk by.

Proud to be sitting on his own

He isn't yet crawling but spends lots of time on his belly, pushing up on his arms and moving himself backwards. When he gets up on his knees, he rocks back and forth, I'm sure crawling is very near in our future! (Look out cats!)

Logan has only 2 teeth that he cut around 7.5 months. There isn't any sign of any others right now but this doesn't stop him. The kid LOVES to eat. He has eaten anything that has been offered to him and there hasn't been a meal yet where he's decided he's full. He just eats and eats and eats. He has moved onto to mostly finger foods and doesn't take much off a spoon anymore. So if he can pick it up and get it in his mouth, it's good to go (he must take after his daddy).

Sleeping has been going pretty well of late. With the exception of when we were camping last weekend, Logan has been sleeping through the night (STTN) for about 2 weeks now! Wohoo! He was never an awful nighttime sleeper but still woke a couple/few times a night. Naps on the other hand have always been a struggle from about 2 months to 7.5 months, he was a 30-40 minute napper. Ugh. This was never enough for him (or mommy) resulting in a cranky boy later in the day. Recently, these naps have become anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours (usually around the 1.5 hour mark). Not only is he more rested during the day but I think this is what led to him STTN.

Sleeping in the tent with his duck

Speaking of sleeping, it sounds like the little man is waking from this morning's nap. I'm off to get him and start our day! Hope you enjoyed reading!

I'll Give it a Try...

So after spending lots of time reading other's blogs, I decided I should give it a try too. With life as crazy as it is most of the time, it's hard to keep in touch and keep other's updated on your life. I get lots of emails saying "send pictures", "what's Logan doing now?" and it's hard to keep up with all his changes. On top of that, hopefully a blog like this will be something that can be kept for Logan (and any other children) to read someday to see what their lives were like.

So here goes nothing...I'll try and post as often as I can but no promises that it will be every day!

The three of us at a Blue Jays game a couple weeks ago