Friday, July 12, 2013

A Week in Review

Since I can't seen to update regularly's an entire weeks worth of pictures in one post!

(Please note that all these pictures were taken with my phone so the quality is very poor. Mom, is my camera at your house?)


Scott worked and I took the kids to the market...on the bus!
Norah's first bus ride!

They were happy to be on the bus again. We'll have to do this again in the summer.
I decided that I won't ever again go to the market alone, with all three kids on a sunny Saturday. There were WAY too many people. We'll stick to Tuesdays or Thursdays and only go Saturdays if Scott can come. I really want to try and buy most of our produce from the market (from actual local farmers) this summer!

On Sunday, Logan and I went to church while Scott took the other two to Home Depot. We weren't sure if there would be Sunday School and nursery care so we didn't want to risk having everyone there! Logan did have to stay with me through the service but he did great! (I don't remember what else we did on Sunday...)

Monday brought the first day of a week of Vacation Bible School at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Kitchener. It's the church my aunt and uncle attend and my aunt, who was volunteering there for the week offered to pick the boys up and drop them off each morning. So Norah and I had 4 hours to ourse

We did a lot of this...hanging out on the couch together, watching TV. Something this third child rarely gets. 
See? More of the same.
You can tell it's a different day because we are wearing different clothes!
Norah also spent a lot of time checking out the boy's toys while they were gone..
More cuddles...
Norah learned she can't quite climb stairs yet.
(I think this was Tuesday).

We spent one afternoon in the pool in the backyard. Norah showed off her crawling skills as evidenced by her dirty face from my garden...
Scott worked a bunch of overtime this week so I took the kids out for a walk most nights to kill time before bedtime. 
Here's Norah riding in her car, waving to her adoring fans.
One evening, Norah got stuck in her room. She was in there alone and closed the door and then sat behind it so I couldn't get it open. I could reach my arm in far enough for a picture though. It took about 15 mins for me to get in to get her!
 Finally, Friday came!
Norah is getting closer to figuring out stairs...

Jacob stopped for a spot of tea while playing Playdoh.
We cooled off at the splash pad at Victoria Park!
It was a great week! Thanks to my Aunt Sandy for taking the boys to VBS every day. They had such a good time! And Norah and I got to see what life will be like in September when Logan and Jacob are both in school!