Monday, December 28, 2009

The Olympic Torch

If the craziness of Christmas wasn't enough, the Olympic Torch came through Kitchener Waterloo on December 27. Since we don't know if or when this will ever happen again, we decided that we would go. It was actually stopping for the day in Kitchener and they had events running from 4pm - 8pm with the torch arriving at 7pm. We had an early dinner and headed out to face the crowds.

Logan and Blue Bear waiting in the car.

There were SO many people there when we arrived at City Hall. We wandered around for a while, got a few free bottles of special edition Coke and took our places to see the torch.

Even the protesters were there.

There was a display of torches from Olympics past.

This year's torch.

The stage...we were pretty far back.

Jacob taking it all in. I turned him around to be facing me shortly after this picture and he fell asleep in the middle of everything.

Logan and Daddy.

Jacob and Mommy.

Typical shot of Logan just amazed with everything going on.

Helping Logan get a better view.

This is a cute shot, I think.

We were in a spot where there were lots of protesters around. I was fine until I saw this cop who even had safety glasses on. At that point, I wondered if they were expecting more than the controlled protest that we had seen up until this point. Luckily nothing more happened.

Here it comes!

They switched torchbearers just in front of us.

Passing on the flame...

Off it goes!

Just before we left to go home...Jacob was there too...just too low to be in the picture.

Happy little Canadian at home.

We had our picture taken with a torch but I haven't been able to get it from the icoke website yet, once I do, I'll be sure to post it.

Christmas at Our House

Since we were away for the day on Christmas Day, we had our own Christmas here at home on Boxing Day. Logan didn't wake up quite as early but we waited for Jacob to wake up (and for Scott to run out and get a Boxing Day deal) before we opened our presents.

We put the stockings and a couple gifts from Santa out the night before in the living room which Logan didn't notice at first. But when Scott came home, he went upstairs to say hi and found what was waiting in the living room. He came running back downstairs with his new Percy train and a toy for Jacob. I guess next year we will have to be a bit more careful!

Getting into his stocking.

Jacob...not sure what to think.

I was trying to get a picture of him beside his stocking but he kept falling over.

Here begins a series of pictures, none of which are that great. But this is all we have of the two of them on Christmas morning. I couldn't get the tape measure away from Logan...

This one is funny because they are both reaching up...I think Logan is trying to get his tape measure back.

Once Logan had emptied his own stocking, he helped everyone else.

Helping daddy...

Helping Mommy...

And giving Jacob his new bibs.

Scott in his new hat.

We had to stop every once and a while and let Logan investigate his gifts more. Here he is playing with his new Magna Doodle, wearing his new Thomas slippers with his new cup beside him.

I thought this was a cool shot.

Jacob with his new kangaroo.

Logan serving coffee (or "hot foffee as he calls it) from his new kitchen.

Drinking some "foffee"

My parents and Pamela and Scott came over around lunch time to spend the day before Pamela flew out that evening. Mom and dad brought all the fixings for a turkey dinner and we cooked it all up.

Logan opening up another present. This one was from my aunt and uncle. We weren't able to see them but they sent the gifts with my parents for the boys. Thanks!

After dinner we visited a bit more and then everyone left to take Pamela to the airport. It was a great Christmas!

Christmas in Norwich

After we had been to visit Grandma, we headed to Norwich to spend the afternoon there. What mom and dad didn't know was that Scott (my husband) was not actually working but driving to the airport to pick up Pamela who had flown home to spend a few short days with us over the holidays.

Logan playing the piano. Usually the piano is closed up but Logan was very gentle and loved playing. We eventually did close it though.

Jacob is starting to really grab at and play with his toys. Here he is on the couch at grandma and grandpa's house.

Playing with his monkey - one of his favourite toys right now.

The "kids" Christmas tree in the basement.

Scott and Pamela arrived as we were eating dinner. Mom and dad were so surprised! We all finished dinner and headed out to church as a family; it's been several years since we all went to church together on Christmas Eve.

Since Pamela was only staying until Boxing Day, we decided to spend the night at mom and dad's so we could spend some more time with her.

Logan and Aunt Pamela before bed.

Logan awoke very early on Christmas morning (I think it was 5:45am!) and then we all assembled in the living room around 7am to open gifts together. We didn't bring all of our presents with us, we decided to do "our" Christmas when we were home on Boxing Day.

Pamela totally excited to have a stocking even though mom had already sent her one in the mail and had no idea she was coming home!

Logan watching Uncle Scott go through his stocking.

Mom totally confused by her gift...she had no idea what it was.

Logan helping Aunt Pamela give out the gifts.

Logan with a couple of his favourite presents. An Elmo backpack and some keys!

Pamela opening a gift.

Logan opening a gift, wearing his hard hat for safety.
A talented boy reading two books at once.

Jacob woke up around 8am and joined in on the fun.

Aunt Pamela helping Jacob open a gift. (It was a Canada track suit. She gave one to each of them, I was so excited!)

Aunt Pamela showing Logan how Mr. Potato Head works.

Christmas morning tradition - cinnamon buns!

Jacob hanging out once all the gifts were open.

My parents and Pamela and Scott headed off to London to spend the day with my dad's family. We hung out at their place for a bit and then travelled to New Hamburg to spend the rest of the day with Scott's family (where I took no pictures).

It was so fun to be in Norwich and to have Pamela home to celebrate with!