Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Morning!

Christmas morning in pictures....

LOVES the drum set!

Our poor ears...

Digging into his stocking.

Daddy helps Jacob figure out the whoopie cushion.

Something must have been funny.

Even Daddy thought so :)

Back to the drums!

Jacob opens a gift.

Taking a break to read a new book.

Jacob still opening...

Jacob wants to drum.

Getting ready to go to work.

Crawling through all the mess!

Chrismas Eve 2010

We spent the day at home on Christmas Eve. We planned to attend the Children's Christmas Eve Service at church. It was at 5pm so we had a bit of a late snack/early supper before heading to church.


Before we headed out, I attempted some family pictures...

Logan posing while I set the timer.

I think this is my favourite...minus Jacob's soother.

Favourite without the soother!

We headed out to church to find a decent sized crowd at the service. There was lots of singing and noise with all the kids, but it was fun!

Logan loves to hold the hymn book and sing.

Jacob spent a lot of time walking between our pew and the one behind us.

Back at home we finished our supper and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.

Logan helped to blow out the candle.

Reading books before going to bed.

Jacob wasn't so interested in the books.

At Logan's request we put out Christmas cookies and chocolate milk for Santa Claus and celery for his reindeer.

Monday, December 27, 2010

He Walks!

Well it's official. As of yesterday, Jacob is a walker! He hasn't quite figured out how to get up without having something to hold on to but he walks almost all the time now! Yay!

Back view

He's SO happy and proud!

Chirstmas with the Millers

Since we alternate years, this year we were spending Christmas with my parents so on the 19th we headed to Scott's mom and dad's to celebrate with them.

One of several of Jacob's Christmas outfits, he just wore this one to church that day.

They both wore vests that day.

Opening gifts...different outfit.

A remote control car for Logan!

Jacob was really walking a lot that day.

Grandpa helping everyone have a turn on the Sobeys car.

Logan pushing Jacob.

Beep Beep!

Cousin Joel gets in on the fun too!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Picture Outtakes

I would imagine by now most of our Christmas cards have made it to their intended recipients. Here are some outtakes from the photo shoot that we did!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kareoke Fun!

Scott and I got a karaoke machine as a wedding gift but it hasn't gotten much use. I pulled it out to use to play some of our Christmas CDs and Scott introduced Logan to the microphone. The three of them spent a long time playing with it the other morning.

Jacob just wants to push the buttons.

Perhaps a future superstar?

Showcasing his dance moves.

He was pretty serious about it all.

Jacob clapping for one of the performances.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Visit with Santa

We were out at the mall running some other errands and figured we take the boys to see Santa. Logan was really excited and didn't flinch getting up on Santa's lap. He was quick to tell Santa that his brother, Jacob, would like a dump truck for Christmas. When Santa asked him what he wanted, he froze and couldn't remember what he wanted. So we went ahead with the picture (which Jacob wasn't impressed about) and left to go on our way.

As we were walking away from Santa, Logan got upset and said he didn't tell Santa what he wanted. I asked him if he remembered what he wanted , he said yes, so we went back to Santa. This time he told Santa that he wanted a drum set and reminded him that Jacob wanted a dump truck.

So it's official. Logan has written a letter to Santa and seen him 3 times in the last week. A drum set is the consistent request as it has been for almost a month now!

I pulled out pictures from the last couple of years worth of Santa visits. I couldn't find Logan's very first one, I'm not sure if I have it on the computer though.

About 14 months old.

Last year, Logan would have been just over 2 years and Jacob about 3 months.

And tonight. Logan is just over 3 and Jacob almost 15 months.