Friday, July 30, 2010

Our Week

So you can be pretty sure when the blog is quite quiet that we really haven't been up to much. This is very true of the past week. The weather has been so awesome. Warm but not sweltering hot. Logan and I have spent each morning outside during Jacob's nap. Sometimes all we did was sit on the porch, eat a snack and watch the cars, he loves it!

Since there's not much to say, I'll just post some random pictures from the week. Admit it, that's all you really want to see anyways!

We had some leftover corn from our BBQ on the weekend so I enlisted Logan's help to husk it. He looks like he's concentrating quite hard!

Jacob munched on Logan's rejected apple. His chubby little fingers are so cute.

Clearly he's not that happy but it's the best shot of his new, little tooth.

We bought some new ottomans for the living room to store toys and stuff in. Jacob has found that they are great for pushing around and walking behind.

We went to the last "Tooney Tuesday" of the summer. See Logan in the centre of the picture with the blue and white striped shirt?

Realizing that the paparazzi has spotted him!

Might as well pose!

Yesterday we went to the park with our neighbours. Logan's pretty cute and always refers to them as "my friends". Nolan is 4, Olivia is almost 2, and Emily is about one month younger than Jacob. The kids play pretty well together and it's nice for their mom and myself to chat too. We spent more time than usually chasing them at the park yesterday. Usually they are fine on their own, but not yesterday, so I didn't get many pictures.

Logan and Olivia

Eating some applesauce...this picture explains why Logan was covered in it when they were done and Olivia was nice and clean.

Likely checking out an ant...these kids are bug obsessed.

This picture is unfortunately pretty dark but I love how they are looking at each other here.

Jacob has been suffering from some separation anxiety lately. It's pretty bad. Most of the time he doesn't even want me to put him down; I hope this stage ends soon. Because of this he's been hanging out in the kitchen with me while I make lunch (he used to play downstairs with Logan). I usually give him a few puffs to munch on and go about making lunch. Today I gave him his puffs and the puffs container to play with so when he was making noise, I thought he was shaking the container. When I looked down, I quickly realized that it wasn't the container...

But the cat food..oops. (I had time to run and grab my camera and take a few pictures before telling him this was not an activity that he would continue).

Notice the pieces of food attached to drool coming out of his mouth? Yum.

Sigh. He thought it was great fun. The cats and I however were less than impressed.

That's all I've got for today, perhaps our weekend will be more exciting to blog about.

Monday, July 26, 2010


A couple years ago, I made this post about our first raspberry! The raspberries have done very well and we have had a great crop this year.

Last year (or maybe even the year before) Scott planted 1, lone blueberry bush. Earlier in the spring, my mom suggested that the soil needed to have some acid added to it in order for the plant to produce fruit. So Scott put some pine needles around the base of the bush.

Last week, the first blueberry arrived!

See it?

A close up.

Nice and plump berry.

Just before he ate it!

We've gotten a few blueberries since then. I'm not sure if the bush will get much bigger or if we need to buy more to get more berries, but Scott was pretty excited that he finally got some fruit from it!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Market and The Park

Not too much has been going on lately but I do have a few pictures to post.

A train that we stopped for on the way to the market.

I let Logan try out the bouncy castle at the market for the first time, he loved it.

He got to stay in for a long time. When he came out he was SO sweaty but he kept saying, "I had fun Mommy!" so I guess it was worth it for him.

My mom and I went to the Science Centre on Friday afternoon to see the Harry Potter exhibit. It was a long drive there and home but totally worth it. There was tonnes of stuff on display from the movies, we both really enjoyed it. While we were gone, Scott hung out with the kids and took them to the park.

Checking out the water. (It looks kind of gross...)

A typical chasing the ducks picture.

And then his shoe fell off! Being the dutiful father that he is; Scott opted to take a picture rather than put the shoe back on. :) I would have done the same thing...

Saying hi to the goat.

BBQ at Our House!

Last night we had a bunch of friends over for a BBQ. Despite the fact that it rained and was really hot out (remember, we have no AC) we had a great time. The rain did clear eventually and we were able to move outside where it was much cooler.

People came and went through the afternoon and evening and we were able to visit with everyone. There were a lot of children here...most of them 4 and younger; good thing the backyard is fenced in. We had hamburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, salads, chocolate dipped fruit (thanks Megan!), cookies and birthday cake.

It was pretty busy so we didn't take too many pics but here are a few to give you a glimpse.


Some partygoers.

They decided they would eat outside.

Hannah enjoying her corn.

Happy birthday Quin!

Can't believe he's 10 already!

It was great to see everyone. Logan especially had a great time. As people were leaving he would say "Bye! Thanks for coming to my party!"

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Jacob is accomplishing more things every day. He is currently in the process of cutting his first tooth. It's the left one on the top. It has cut through but hasn't come all the way down yet.

At my mom and dad's on the weekend, he found joy in sitting on this old car and even more when Scott obliged to pushing him around!

He leaned way back everytime he got pushed, it was funny.

Sunday morning he finally pulled himself up to standing unassisted! Unfortunately because of the mess of where he was he couldn't sit down on his own but he did stand.

(He and Logan together made this mess. Logan came out of his room and said, "Daddy, come see. Jacob and I make mess!")

Baseboards and Railings

The purpose of our trip to Norwich on the weekend was so that Scott could install the baseboards to compliment mom and dad's new bamboo flooring. They bought a couple extra boxes of the flooring, took off the tongues and used that as the baseboard. It looks great!

After the work was done.

The floor with the baseboard.

Since he finished quite quickly he was also able to change the hand rails as well. It was a simple job to take off the old tops and put some hardwood ones on but it definitely changes the look!

Nice new railings that match the floors.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Beach, Music and Fun at Home

Last weekend we decided to check out Laurel Creek Conservation Area. I used to go to the beach a lot before I met Scott and especially before we had kids. Since Logan was born it just hasn't seemed that easy to pack them up and take them. Laurel Creek is really close to our house so even if we didn't stay long it wouldn't have been a far drive.

My three guys in the water.

Logan is getting so comfortable in the water.

Playing with a new friend.

He's actually getting chubby!

Enjoying a picnic lunch before heading home.

I found out about a free kids even that happens on Tuesday nights at City Hall in Kitchener. We checked it out last week for the first time. There was a children's entertainer who sang lots of fun songs and another guy who worked with puppets. We'll definitely be going back!

Logan listening intently. (That's him in the orange shirt and backward hat).

Jacob and daddy checking out the music from afar.

We didn't do much else through the week last week. The kids and I hung out at home and went for walks to nearby parks but otherwise we just played at home.

I find the last half hour of the day VERY long. From about 5pm until Scott gets home around 5:30pm I'm trying to get supper on the table and the kids are typically getting tired and hungry. I found out this week that I can put them on the front porch with a bunch of books and they'll happily sit there and read until Scott gets home! It's great. They are entertained and safe and I can get supper ready! (They look pretty cute I think too!)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Nice PJs

Logan and Jacob's Great-Grandma GG bought them these pjs for Easter. It's been pretty warm at our house for Jacob to wear the full sleeper since he's fit into it but since the temperatures are SO cold at my mom and dad's place, it was suitable while we were there.

I had a hard time getting a good pic...

Pretty sure this is the best one!

Thanks for the pjs, grandma!