Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Windy and Cold

What is up with this weather? In my humble opinion, it sucks. It's way to windy to be outside with the boys. Logan begged to go out this morning so he and I got bundled up (Jacob was sleeping) and headed out. We were only out for about a minute before he begged to go back inside because it's so cold. Yuck...we want the warmth back!

We haven't really been up to much lately.

On Sunday we spontaneously decided to go to Boston Pizza for lunch. I'd like to get the boys out to restaurants a bit over the next little while in preparation for our trip to see Pamela. Hopefully I can get them used to waiting a bit for their food. Plus, we have some free kids meals to use up at Boston Pizza, so away we went.

Logan always wants to eat the lemon from our water.

Jacob would rather just gnaw on the menu.

It was a bit nicer on Monday and Jacob took a really short morning nap so we headed over to the park to play and to check on our duck and geese friends.

A fun action shot of Logan running across the grass.

Loving the big boy swing! Logan would still prefer to go in the baby swings but I have a really hard time getting him out since he's pretty big for them now and I'm scared of him getting stuck. So I always make him go on the big swing...from this picture though, it certainly looks like he likes it.

Jacob also enjoying the swing.

A cool tree that we saw.

If you look closely, you can see a goose sitting on her nest. I really hope that we'll be able to see the goslings, I'm sure Logan will love it. There is also a female duck that I haven't seen around in a little ducks soon too, hopefully!

Yesterday I got brave and thought I would let Logan do some crafting. Well one thing led to another and he ended up finger painting...which I wasn't really prepared for but he managed to stay pretty clean and LOVED it!

It looks like he's looking around wondering if someone is going to stop him!

Action shot

He looked at me and said "Look mommy, I washing hands."

Admiring his colourful hands.

I snapped this last picture this morning. Jacob loves looking out the front window to see what is going on. Today, Logan joined him. I think it's so cute how Jacob's hand is just resting on Logan's back.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday (Brother) Scott!

So today my "little" brother turns 22! When I moved to Waterloo to start university in 1999, Scott was only 11; so although I know that times passes, sometimes it is hard for me to remember that he is a full fledged grown up now! Obviously I saw him lots while I was living away from home, but somehow it didn't seem to be the same.

Scott is studying Math at the University of Windsor and is enrolled in a program which will also certify him as a teacher when he graduates. He just finished up his second year.

Because we lives in Windsor and is busy with school, we don't see him a lot but when we do, Logan loves to hang out with his Uncle Scott!

Clearly, I don't take enough pictures of Scott since these ones are all a bit old but I'll take some more the next time we see him.

Opening gifts on Christmas morning.

Logan and Uncle Scott on Christmas morning.

At Logan's birthday.

Scott and Pamela with their nephews!

This is quite a bit older than the others. Scott holding Logan when he was just a day old. I love the way he's looking at him in the picture and looks like an old pro holding him!

Jacob, sporting his UWindsor pride in an outfit from Uncle Scott.

Happy Birthday Scott, hope you have a great day!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

10 days?

So a friend notified me on Facebook to let me know that I hadn't updated my blog in 10 days...oops. It's been 12 days now, I you're in for a long post.

I guess I wasn't posting because it didn't seem like much was going on. But when I was thinking about this post, I realized there actually HAS been a lot going on! So I guess this will be quite a long post...I'll start by back tracking.

We went to Katherine's 1st birthday party! Katherine is the daughter of our friends Jen and Chris. I met Jen while in University through a mutual friend. They still live here in Waterloo so we are able to get together once and a while.

Katherine and Jacob checking each other out.

Jacob...with a party hat...not really having fun.

We went to Julie and Rod's engagement party. Julie and Rod will be getting married in September and we are definitely looking forward to that party! (Sorry these pics are so big).

The happy couple.

All the partygoers!

We went to library for storytime.

Logan enjoying his snack outside the library before it opened.

There's lots of construction going on these days and we get to check out a lot of it on our way to and from the library each week.

Storytime only lasts for 30 minutes but since we take the bus, we're gong ALL morning. He's Logan lagging behind me on the walk home. I like letting him walk but he stops to look at everything and it can take forever!

We visited the ducks and geese at the pond nearby.

Munching on the grass.

Logan laying on the ground calling the ducks. "Ducks! Come here! I love you!"

Jacob hanging out in the stroller.

We've spent A LOT of time outside! Logan and I love the nice weather and can spend 2 hours or more outside playing and gardening while Jacob naps in the morning. Logan doesn't tend to play very well independently in the house, but outside, he can keep himself occupied forever!

So this picture isn't outside but it's the boys playing together inside in the sunshine!

Digging in the sandbox.

Logan has developed a love for worms. When I've been working in the gardens, I've been passing many of the worms that I find on to Logan. He thinks it's great and can play with the worms for a long time. He talks to them, takes them places, shows them things and puts them down for "naps".
While I was trying to take his picture he kept saying "Worm! Say cheese!"

Catching the worm before it gets away.

Showing off the worm. (Yes, he wears his helmet a lot when we are outside) (Yes, the cats are sitting inside LONGING to go outside).

We attended the NDHS band's final spaghetti dinner and silent auction. Since the school will be closing at the end of this year, this was the last dinner. We had a great meal and listened to some great music.
Jacob enjoying a bun.

Logan was so distracted by the music. He did eat some of his supper but only because Jamie was nice enough to shovel it in his mouth for him.

Jacob, not quite as distracted but still quite awestruck by the music.

Being silly in daddy's hat.

Scott took the boys to the park.

On the slides together.

Just Jacob, chillin' on the grass.


Logan demonstrates his mad climbing skills.

Rolling in the sand...this activity does not pair well with Logan's current fear of the bathtub. That makes for one dirty kid!

Both boys on the swings.

Jacob, trying out the slide.

Logan, still climbing.

Riding home. Jacob always seems to slump over in the wagon.

Scott and I attended the Grand Valley Construction Association's Building Excellence Awards. The building that Scott worked on in Cambridge (Farmer's Mutual Reassurance) was nominated for an award of Environmental Excellence and they ended up winning!

My mom stayed here with the boys who certainly gave her a run for her money but we are very grateful that she was able to be here so that we could both be at the banquet. Mom actually got to be the first one to try out our new pull-out couch. Her report was that it was quite comfy, and MUCH more comfy than the lumpy, old futon.

The table as we sat down. The salad plates were balanced on the cutlery, it was neat. We had salad, smoked salmon, prime rib and chocolates and cheese for dessert!

We went to yet another party. Our neighbour Nolan's 4th birthday party! The party was at Bingemans at the indoor playground. Logan had a blast! He fell asleep in the car on the way home and then took a 3 hour nap!

Playing with the balls.

Logan and Daddy

Taking a break for lunch. Logan's favourites...hotdogs and apple juice!

Jacob was there too!

Nolan, the birthday boy!

We have also attended music class, Scott has gone bowling, Mom and I went to see "Kiss Me Kate" at the Stratford Festival, started our taxes...the list goes on.

Ok, so that post took me way too long and I probably left out lots of stuff...I need to blog more.

Hope you enjoy!