Friday, April 5, 2013

For Great Grandma

This is the outfit you gave Norah for Christmas, she is wearing it today! Sorry the pics are a bit's hard to get her to sit still.

Thank you!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Jamaica 2013: At the Beach!

So we spent most of our days at the beach. Just hanging out. The pictures speak for themselves.

Happy girls.
Just lounging.
Diaper changes in the sun.
Even Grandpa managed to relax!
There was lots of sand castle building with Aunt Pamela.
Oh, and swimming too!
Jacob loved swimming in the "big pool". 
Practicing his skills.
She had a lot of bathing suits...
Aunt Pamela!
What are they doing?
A visitor in the hut.

Norah took many naps by the water.
The view.
Aunt Jamie took Norah swimming too!
With the cruise ship background.
Uncle Scott and the boys.
Logan and Jacob managed to make some friends. 

Another bathing suit for Norah...
It was SO cute!
Cooling off in the water.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Jamaica 2013: Norah, Meet Ocean

Obviously, Norah had never been to the ocean before our trip. Actually, she'd never even really been in a pool (oops...poor third child)!

Testing out the waters...
She likes it!
A little girl in some big water.
Telling Aunt Pamela how much she loves it!
She's a water baby.

Monday, April 1, 2013

A Trip to the Sugar Bush

After a recommendation from a friend we loaded into the van with Heidi and drove to the Mountsberg Conservation Area to check out MapleTown! The weather was beginning to warm up so it was a perfect day for the sap to be flowing.

The boys and Heidi.
Crossing the railroad tracks to get to the bush!
We're here!
Learning about sap.
Checking out how full the bucket is.
The sap was definitely flowing!
Norah was there too!
They use plastic buckets (rather than the traditional ones) as it is easier to see how full the bucket is.
Boiling sap.
Waiting for the wagon ride.
The horses taking a break.
Yum! Pancakes!
Perfecting those self feeding skills.
Everyone enjoyed the pancakes.
Playing on the bales of straw.
They had fun but got VERY muddy!