Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Day at the Zoo

We've been wanting to get the Toronto Zoo all summer and since we had no plans this weekend we decided that Saturday would be a great day. We left in the morning and arrived at the same time as EVERYONE else who had decided to go to the zoo that day. The line ups were crazy but we managed to see a line that was MUCH shorter than others and got in rather quickly.

We headed first to Stingray Bay, a new and temporary attraction at the zoo. We went in, washed our hands up to our elbows as requested and joined a bunch of other people around the pool. I was a bit disappointed. I'm not sure what I was was just a pool with a few stingrays swimming around. Earlier in the summer when we were in NB visiting Pamela, we went to an aquarium that had a touch pool that was much cooler than the one at the zoo. I guess the one in NB had all kinds of different sea life...not that I touched anything.

Anyways, Scott touched a few stingrays, he said they felt like jelly. Logan REALLY wanted to but they said that he shouldn't put his hands in because he was so young.

One of the rays swimming by

Logan trying really hard to get wet

We spent a few good hours wandering around the zoo looking at the different animals. Logan had a great time. It was hard for him to see the animals unless they were really close or moving but I know he saw lots. Here are a few pictures from the day.

Logan trying to grab the fish in the giant aquarium

I tried to take a picture of Logan on one of the animal didn't work so well, maybe next year!

A few of you may remember the time we went to the zoo together after seeing this sign. I'll let you know that when we were there this time, very few things were "seasonal"

This tiger jumped up onto this stump just before we got there, he moved around quite a bit up there before finding his comfy spot.

Sleeping baby

Once Logan woke up from his nap, we ventured into a part of the zoo I'd never been to before. The splash pad! It was huge and had some great sprinklers. Logan was happy to sit in puddles of water and splash around. It was a great way to end the warm day.

Logan splashing around

On our way home from the zoo, we stopped at the Rainforest Cafe at Yorkdale for dinner. Some of you know how easily Logan is distracted...well lets just say in a place that generates it's own thunder and lightening every half hour, he was the most distracted ever.

Waiting for dinner to arrive

Do you think he had a fun day?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Post for Aunt Pamela

So before Logan was born (actually before Scott and I were even married), Pamela bought a shirt for our future child(ren) that reads, "If you think I'm cute, you should see my AUNTY".

Logan received this shirt from his Aunt Pamela as a gift when she first came to visit him in November. It was way too big then. I was hoping it would fit him when we traveled to New Brunswick to visit her in July but it was still too big. Recently it has fit him and she saw him wearing it in a picture on this blog. She requested a better picture that shows him wearing the shirt and asked if it would still fit for a while so that he could wear it the next time he sees her (date to be determined still).

So here you go Aunt Pamela...Logan wore the shirt again today and I did my best to get a good picture. I took so many today and these are the best ones. Scott hasn't been home so it's hard to get a really good one with just me...but these will have to do for now.

In this picture he's probably thinking, "enough with all the pictures mom!"

I realize that he's got drool on the shirt and maybe some dinner on his face still but the pictures I took earlier in the day aren't as good. Oh and the shirt still fits fine, and should for a while...that is if we can get it over his head! It's a bit of a tight fit right now.

One more picture just because it's really cute...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Another Busy Weekend

The weekends go by so fast!

A while ago, Scott and I picked out a new paint colour for our bedroom so we decided to finally start painting. We got about half the room painted and hope to get the other half done this week. We're also going to put on new base at some point and maybe crown molding at the ceiling. Projects like this certainly take longer now that we've got Logan around as well!

Here's a "before" picture of the bedroom. We've already taken out most of the furniture at this point so it looks rather bare. When we finally finish the room, I'll take the "after" pics and post them.

On Saturday the three of us headed to Uptown Waterloo for the annual Busker Festival. It was a VERY hot day so we didn't stay too long but we managed to see a couple acts. Logan was pretty hot but I think he enjoyed some of what he saw.

Yesterday we headed to Norwich to spend the day with my family. My brother Scott led the service (including doing the sermon!) at his church since the regular pastor was away. He did a great job! He led a couple worship songs from the piano, did the children's story, a prayer and the sermon, it was a busy morning for him but a great job. Logan must have really enjoyed the songs that his Uncle Scott led because he was bouncing around in Daddy's arms to teh beat of the music.

We headed back to my parents place for lunch and then visited. My Grandma was there as well as Aunt Sandy, Uncle Ross, Andrew and Michael and Andrea, it was good afternoon. Logan took a great nap at my parent's place and then he woke up and played the piano for us a bit. Actually, it seemed as though EVERYONE wanted a chance to play the piano but Logan liked it.

"Look mom! I'm sight reading!"

Deep in concentration

My brother Scott heads off to the University of Windsor for his first year there next week. I think he's pretty excited to get back to school and on with the next stage in his life. Have fun Scott!

Logan and his Uncle Scott

We made it home from Norwich in time to have dinner here at home last night. We had one pretty over ripe banana left so I gave Logan the whole thing. He's never had a whole banana at once before, he wasn't too sure what to do at first but he got into it for sure.

Hey, this is kind of fun!

Now it's Monday...Logan and I don't have too many plans this week. Probably just a lot of hanging out at home.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Fun Friday

The weather was so nice today! It's getting pretty hot here again. I've been feeling a bit stir crazy in the house this week so even though Scott worked this afternoon pouring concrete, I managed to get the car and Logan and I headed to the Lions Lagoon at Waterloo park for a bit this afternoon. Pretty much it's a giant splash pad with lots of water.

Logan wasn't too sure at first but quickly warmed up and loved the water that was shooting everywhere. Even though he's not really mobile he still had fun sitting in puddles of water and letting the water pour down on his head...he had a great time. Since I was on my own I wasn't able to take any pictures of him actually playing in the water but here are a few others from the day. Next time I'll take Scott with me so we can get some more pictures of him in the water.

Taking a break to have some water...he can do the sippy cup on his own now!

Hanging out in the shade

Mommy and Logan

After our fun in the water, we got a popsicle while at the park. Logan thoroughly enjoyed his half and would have loved it if I let him hold it!

When we got home Logan had a nice long (and late nap) and when he woke up it was pretty much dinner time. Since he had woken up so much later than usual, we were able to head out to a bbq at Chris and Jen's for a little bit. Even though it started at 7pm (Logan's normal bedtime), we were able to stay for a decent visit with everyone (I forgot my camera though).

Since Logan went to bed so much later than usual tonight, maybe he'll sleep in tomorrow......

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Music Camp

So we've been home from camp for a few days now, we had a GREAT week! For those of you who don't know, I attended Music Camp with my parents, brother and sister when I was a teenager. I made some great friends during those years and still see many of them as often as possible. It's been a few years since I've been able to be at camp so I was definitely excited when it worked out for us to go this year.

We did get a fair amount of rain during the week but we managed to stay relatively dry in our tent and didn't let that put a damper on the week. Logan was so good the whole week and took awesome naps, probably the longest naps he has even taken. He didn't seem to have any issues sleeping in the tent.

As usual most of the pictures we took were of Logan.

Sleeping boy on the way to camp

Logan and his friends Levi and Kathleen (this was the best one)

Logan and Levi playing

On the last night of camp, Logan actually fell asleep in my arms during the Agape service, he must have been so tired since it's been a very long time since he did it. I enjoyed it.

Sitting in the tent while we packed up to come home

On Saturday we drove from camp (near Picton, ON) to London for my grandma's 80th was a long day but we made it and had a chance to visit with family.

Since we got home I've been busy getting caught up with laundry and convincing Logan that we are no longer at camp where there are lots of people to entertain and hold him all the time.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Mommy's Helper

Logan and I have been busy this week doing some cleaning and lots of laundry as we get ready to head off to camp tomorrow. Even though Logan is napping much better these days, I still try to get stuff done when he's awake, good thing he likes to help. Here are a couple pictures of him helping with the dusting and the laundry.

On Wednesday, Logan and I went with my mom to visit my grandma. Logan put on a great show for his great-grandma who was very happy to see him.

Tomorrow we leave for camp and will be gone for a week so no posts for a while. We'll be tenting, so pray that it doesn't rain too much while we're gone. Camp is over next Saturday and then we'll head to London for my grandma's 80th birthday. It'll be a busy week but lots of fun!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Busy Long Weekend

(I tried to post this last night, but I couldn't get any pictures uploaded...I didn't know what the point of a post was without pictures!)

So it's been a while since I last posted...oops. I never promised to be a regular poster. Last week was pretty normal, there wasn't much to chat about, we had a great weekend though!


I love Fridays! Scott only works until 1pm on Fridays, so it's a short day for Logan and I. After lunch, we took Logan outside for a "swim" in his little pool. He loves it so much and was amused for a very long time just splashing and drinking the pool water. Scott and I just sat in chairs with our feet in the pool, it was such a nice afternoon!

Enjoying the nice day

Even Cheeto liked being outside


Since Kelly and Adam couldn't make it to our BBQ last weekend (and since it had been forever and a day since we saw them last), they came over for a visit and dinner. They were so thoughtful and brought Logan a new toy (which he liked a lot better today Kelly, he didn't cry when it made noise). We had a great dinner outside and a nice chat and visit after Logan went to bed. It was fun catching up.


We went to church on Sunday morning and then headed to Norwich after the service. Finally we made it there on a nice day and were able to take a swim in mom and dad's pool. Again, Logan showed his love for swimming. I'm glad that we were able to make it there at least once this summer for a swim. We had a couple nice meals and a good visit too.


Today we went grocery shopping this morning and then over to Scott's mom and dad's for dinner. Logan had a GREAT nap this afternoon (He has finally begun to understand and appreciate the beauty of a long nap. It's been a long 9, almost 10, months without decent naps and trust me, anything over an hour is now he went 1 hour and 45 minutes!) so we headed to New Hamburg after his nap.

Logan took a ride in a wagon which he really liked. He loves to hold on when he is in things; his carseat, the stroller, a swing, pretty much anything that moves so he loved the wagon and being able to hold on.

Scott's mom recently bought a battery powered bike so Scott took it for a little spin. We put Logan on the back too, he liked it! He'll be ready to ride on the back of his grandpa's motorcycle in no time!

Tomorrow is Tuesday and Scott goes back to work :( not for long though since we're heading to Music Camp on Saturday for a week of holidays. It's been a number of years since I've been to camp and I'm totally looking forward to being there and introducing Scott and Logan to camp. I'll try and blog again before we go otherwise it'll be a REALLY long time before I get around to posting again.