Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Bed....Success!

So last night went really well. Once Logan fell asleep, he was out for the night and didn't wake up until the morning. It was great and much better than I was expecting! Yay Logan.

However, morning came VERY early. I think I first heard him up and playing around 5:50am...and it was before 6:30am that he wanted someone to let him out of his room. In his crib, he was happy to play for quite a while and even go back to sleep on occasion when he woke up early, I guess that won't be the case anymore.

That being said, he went down for his first nap today around 8:30am (that's what happens when you wake before 6!) and half an hour later I think he's asleep. I had to go up once and get him back in bed, but that's not bad.

These pictures have nothing to do with his new bed...I just liked them.

The colourful outfit (with short pants) that Scott dressed Logan in last weekend.

A cute picture from the ride home from the park.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Daddy's Helper, Bug Lover & Big Boy

The weather turned out to be pretty nice in the early afternoon so we spent some time in the backyard. We did a bit of weeding but mostly just watched and were entertained by Logan.

Logan really likes to help these days. He likes to know what you're doing and always wants to do it with you. He followed Scott around the yard for quite a while this afternoon "helping".

Helping ot fill the watering can.

Helping to put more sand in the sandbox.

Helping to put the extra sand in the shed.

We have all these weird caterpillars in our backyard, I'm not sure what they are, hopefully they aren't a bad kind. Anyways, Logan found a bunch of them today and really like them. First he was just petting them as Scott held them, then he liked them on his own hand, then he picked them up and carried them all around the yard.

Logan's new friend.

A close up...anyone know what that is?

Unfortunately, the caterpillar did meet it's demise. Logan lugged it all around and eventually squeezed a bit too hard! At one point he almost pulled in it half! We'll have to try and teach him to be a bit more gentle...

In the last little while, Logan hasn't really wanted to spend much time in the backyard, but today he really enjoyed it, here are a few more pictures that I took.

A serious shot.

Playing in the sandbox.

Just lounging around.

A big milestone around here tonight as well! As I type, Logan is asleep in his big boy bed! I've been wanting to make the transition soon so there was lots of time before the new baby came but I must admit I have been stalling. Tonight when Logan was playing before his bath, he kept getting into the big bed and lying down. So I thought, maybe he's ready and we should just give it a shot. We did our regular bedtime routine, laid him down and walked out. He cried...I went back upstairs. He was still in his bed but sitting up. He was just scared I think. I sat with him for a bit longer, sang another song and laid him back down....he made a few more noises but has been quiet for almost an hour now! I know there's still the whole night ahead of us, but this is a good start. (ALthough I'm most worried about the morning since he wakes up so early and the crib was good at keeping him contained...)

His new bed...the blankets were already pulled back when I took the picture. We also have a few more things to hang on the walls still.

Dresser/change table and bookshelf (still have some things to bring from his other room, but this was kind of a last minute decision so we just brought over what we needed)

Poor Sigmund...Sigmund has been using this room like her own since we finished it. I seriously think that she was under the impression that it was just for her!

Ready for his big night!

Sound asleep :)

Although I wanted to get him moved and I know we needed to, I can't believe he's out of the crib. It makes him seem so much older! I'll post again tomorrow (hopefully) to let you know how the night goes!

A New Toy

Logan has lots of indoor toys so we've been trying to think of useful things we can buy for him to play outside...for when the weather ever gets nice, that is!

Toys R Us has a water table on sale this week and I thought Logan might like it so Scott picked one up after work yesterday. I think the pictures below are proof of his enjoyment of the new toy!

Hello, new toy!

Cool, water comes out the bottom of this!

In a much more appropriate outfit for water play.

Splashing around.

Taking a drink.

The following are a result of the mixture of Logan's sandbox and water table...I guess we'll have to create a few "rules"....

Hmm, my clothes are wet, the sandbox could be fun!


A close up.

Just being a boy...nice and dirty!

Better bring your bathing suit on Monday can get very wet in the backyard now!

You can view a couple videos of Logan playing here,

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Calgary...and home (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)

On Wednesday morning we got up and checked out of the Banff Springs Hotel to head to Calgary to finish out our trip. Once again we had hopes that Logan would sleep...again, no such luck!

Ready for another car trip!

I thought these signs were funny; "Watch out for pedestrians on the highway". Seriously we were in the middle of nowhere...where were the people coming from or going?

Our first stop was the Canada Olympic Park where portions of the 1988 Olympic Winter Games were held. Unfortunately it wasn't open for the season yet but we were able to look around a little bit.

Logan the ski jumper.

Pamela the ski jumper.

The ski jumps.

Ready to go skiing.

One of the turns on the bobsleigh track.

A mural on the side of the building.

Once we left the park, it was still too early to check into our hotel so we headed to the Telus World of Science and Children's Museum in Calgary. Logan was pretty tired but we hoped that he would have a lot of fun here, and he did. We spent lots of time in the children's portion and he ran all over taking in all of the exhibits. We had lunch there too before heading to check in at the Delta.

This was all about music and sound. You could step on the tiles on the floor and they would play different notes, sounds and rhtymns, Logan wasn't too sure at first (the rest of us loved it though).

Dressed up to play some tunes.

Enjoying the music now...he wasn't always heavy enough to make the tiles work with his feet so he got down and used his hands; smart kid!

Future astronaut?

Pamela lying on a bed of nails.

Scott's back after lying on the bed of nails.

We headed to the Delta, checked in, and promptly put Logan down for a much needed nap. I rested too while he was sleeping and Scott and Pamela headed out to explore the hotel.

The hotel room here wasn't as big so when we first put Logan down, the three of us hung out in the bathroom.

The view from the elevator lobby on our floor.

A HUGE cement truck that we saw out the window. There was so much construction going on in Calgary, we even saw a postcard that read, "Welcome to Calgary (now under construction)"

After Logan's nap, we headed to the Calgary Tower, to travel up and take some pictures.

The Calgary Tower.

Logan meeting a beaver in the lobby of the Calgary Tower.

Calgary Saddledome as seen from the top of the Tower.

Scott taking a picture through the glass floor.

One of the many tower cranes in the city.

Logan sitting on the glass floor.

We went out for dinner to Milestones that night and then back to the hotel where Logan, Scott and I went to the pool for a quick swim before Logan went to bed. Scott and I went out for dessert and then I went back to the room and Scott and Pamela had a couple drinks in the lobby bar.

On Thursday we went to the Calgary Zoo. We took the C-train (Calgary's main transit system) to get there so we didn't have to worry about driving. The weather wasn't the greatest but luckily the rain held off until we left.

Logan with a bear.

I love the giraffes and we were able to get so close to them to take pictures.

Logan burning off some energy.

Big elephant.

Logan in Aunt Pamela's hat.

We traveled around and saw this tiger and she was so interactive. She climbed up onto her perch and entertained us with all her facial expressions. She was sticking out her tongue, smiling and just putting on a show. Logan was laughing hysterically, it was so neat.

Sticking out her tongue.


Pamela the koala.

Very tired little boy.

We went out for dinner again and then once Logan was in bed, Pamela and Scott went to the pool with intentions of sitting in the hot tub, but apparently it was WAY too hot. They came back to the room after watching the end of the hockey game and I was miraculously still awake so the three of us ordered room service to celebrate our last night.

In the morning we got up and headed to the airport to fly home. Logan fell asleep on the plane luckily since the flight was full and we didn't have an extra seat for him this time. We made it home in great time and have spent the last few days relaxing and getting back into our routine at home.

We had a great time visiting with Pamela and wish we could see her more. Logan loved the time he spent with his Aunt Pamela and smiles now when we point out her picture at home. Hopefully we'll see her again soon!

Thanks for the hospitality Pamela, we had so much fun.