Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jacob and the Outdoors

Jacob still isn't very mobile. He can get around a little bit by scooting on his bum but he is mostly still stationary. I am ok with that. He, however, is not. He wants so badly to be able to go where Logan is going and discover things on his own.

In the meantime, he spends a lot of time outside with us just sitting. Sometimes he looks like he is longing to go somewhere and other times he's totally happy just sitting.

Sitting on a toy, watching Logan.

Probably wondering how in the world to get off this thing!

The kid has so many toys. But usually his favourite things are just random things I find lying around. Like this flower stem...

Trying to get it in his mouth...

Oops, missed again.

Finally got it in!

Love the little drool bubble.

It looks like he's trying pretty hard to pull himself up on the table so he can grab the umbrella like Logan. (Do you like our new picnic table?)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Backyard Fun

Let me just reiterate how much we LOVE the nice weather and the chance to be playing outside so much. I rarely complain about the heat because being able to be outside so much makes the days go so much more smoothly and quickly than in the winter. (That being said, I still have a dream of living in Nunavut someday....maybe I'll try for once all my kids are in school so I'm not at home with them through the endless winter!)

Anyways, just some fun pictures of the kids playing in the backyard.

Jacob watched Logan pouring the water for a long time, I think he really wanted to try!

He decided to just splash and be cute instead.

The grass was too long for Logan's liking so he cut it.

Still splashing away.

Logan thought he'd inspect the umbrella on our new picnic table.

"What are YOU looking at?"

Brothers; playing nicely together.

And then, trouble...

However, Jacob was unphased by it all.

This obviously wasn't taken in our backyard but look at Logan climbing up that ladder at the park. He's getting so big!

Logan and Puddles

So I know I've posted about puddles before but Logan's love of them continues. Last week sometime, I was washing something on the driveway and a puddle formed at the end of our driveway. Logan asked if he could splash in it; I said yes. The next thing I knew, he was sitting in it. Sigh. It got messy.

I have no idea WHY he has his helmet with him...

"Oh, hi mom!"

Splashing. Can you SEE how dirty his legs are?

In classic Logan style, he put it in his mouth.

Good thing he is starting to like bathtime again. With activities like this baths are needed sometimes more than once in a day!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Visiting Uncle Scott and Jamie

(I still have a couple posts from our trip to do but I'm falling behind on other stuff too, so I'm jumping ahead for now!)

My brother Scott and his girlfriend Jamie are working at Circle R Ranch this summer. This is Jamie's third summer there and Scott's first. In June, they've been working daily with school groups that come to visit and beginning in July they'll be working regular, overnight summer camps.

We thought it would be fun to take a trip to visit them so we headed out on Father's Day. It had been a while since we'd seen them last but Logan was excited as soon as we got there to see them (especially Jamie...sorry Scott!)

As soon as we got there Logan was happy to take Jamie's hand and follow her around. Hmm, maybe next time we'll just drop him off!

We weren't really sure what to expect. I had packed a picnic lunch for us to have but we were able to quickly fill the morning with fun activities on the ranch.

First stop would be a pony ride for Logan!

Meeting Skittles.

Getting some kisses from Skittles.

Jacob and I watching.

Jacob meeting the pony too.

Adjusting the stirrups to the right length.

Having a great ride!

After Logan's ride on Skittles, we checked out some of the other horses and animals at the ranch.

Meeting a bigger horse.

Jacob too!

He also got to meet a sheep...

a pig...(I think the pig was his favourite)

A chicken...

Another chicken.

Helping Jamie feed the goat.

And feeding the sheep. The sheep were really excited to eat and kept bumping into Logan he loved it!

Jacob and Scott watching the activity.

Aww...It was moments like this that made Scott and I look at each other and wonder why we didn't just drop Logan off!

Next we went on a wagon ride. Jamie drove us around some of the ranch and Scott pointed out what some of the different stuff was.

Logan and Scott sitting together.

Jacob wasn't too sure what was going on!

A cute picture of Logan holding hands with his Uncle Scott.

Maybe a future farmer?

I packed a lunch for us to have with Jamie and Scott before we left.

Logan eating his sandwich...with a fork. :)

Jacob having some cucumber.

Checking out a butterfly.

Hey guys! I'm over here! (If only we had this much stuff for him to explore at home.)

Jacob practicing standing.

We left Scott and Jamie and headed to Norwich for the rest of the day. Jacob fell asleep in the car but Logan did not. We tried to put him down for a nap when we got there, he didn't sleep.

Scott and Logan in the pool.

Swimming on his own!

Jacob playing the piano.