Saturday, July 28, 2012

Staying in Style at the Royal York

Oops...took another break.

This post is a continuation of the last few when we took our trip to Toronto.

We stayed at the Royal York since Pamela could get us a good deal. Unfortunately our room wasn't ready when we went to check in since the hotel was very busy but we did end up with a pretty sweet upgrade. We were in a HUGE suite with tonnes of space. The windows overlooked the tracks at Union Station so the boys were able to sit in the window and watch the trains come and go.

Aunt Pamela sent the boys a special treat before bedtime.

Mom and I were secretly hoping that they wouldn't eat all the cookies!
Jacob enjoys his marshmallow!
And Logan too!
Thanks for the treat, Pamela! The boys loved it and mom and I even got some cookie after they went to bed.

We spent a bit of time in the pool which was very nice. There was even a kid's wading pool which the boys loved.

Ok, to be honest, GRANDMA spent a lot of time in the pool with the boys, I relaxed on the deck with Norah.
Water break! (Too bad the picture is so dark).
Jacob enters the pool.
Logan taking a break.
Jacob swam from one end to the other all by himself.
Logan splashing.
My view.
It was SO hot in there...Norah slept very well.
Looks like he's having fun.
In the wading pool.
Plugging the water on it's way out.
Thanks for the trip, Grandma. Logan keeps asking when we can go back to Toronto on the train!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Kid's CBC Days

The reason we went to Toronto was to go to the open house that CBC held of their kid's shows. It was a two day event and even though we found out that each day was pretty much the same, we went both days! There were A LOT of people was very crazy ad HOT. But I think the boys had fun.

Getting their CBC tattoos.
Sitting in the crowd watching one of the shows.
Jacob found it all quite loud and I don't think he liked the big crowds of  people.
Here he is on Grandma's shoulders watching the show from a better vantage point.
Jacob (and some random kid) give Bo on the Go a hug!
In the Thingamajigger from Cat in the Hat.
Logan too!
Grandma graciously saved seats for the boys to see the Doodlebops while we found a
quiet spot to have a snack break!
Stroller parking for hundreds.
Can you spot Grandma?
Everyone waiting for the Doodlebops!
Logan waiting.
The Doodlebops!
Again, it was too loud for Jacob so he made his way out to me while Grandma and Logan watched the rest of the show.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

First Train Ride

My mom and I took the kids to Toronto for the night last week, we took the train to get there! None of them had ever been on a train before, so it was very exciting! We left from the Via Station in Kitchener and arrived at Union Station.

Waiting for our train to arrive.
Grandma explains that everyone needs to be a good listener while we are away!
A slightly awkward picture, but Norah came too!
Under the Via sign.
Watching the world go by as we zoom down the track.
Waiting for the ticket man!
Checking out his ticket.
We were in the last car so the boys were able to look out the window.
They really enjoyed the train ride. On the way there they boys were quite content in their seats, watching out the window and doing a bit of colouring that grandma brought for them (Norah was sleeping). On the way home they were tired (we all were!) so they watched a movie but still enjoyed the ride. Logan asks almost daily now when we're going to go on the train again!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hanging out at Home

Since it's been so hot, we've had to stay home a lot to try and keep cool. The boys are pretty good about keeping themselves busy but sometimes it's hard!

Now that Norah's awake a little bit more during the day, I've put her down on her floor and let the boys "entertain" her with her toys. (Really it's to entertain THEM, but don't tell them that).

Checking out the baby toys.
Cute baby face.
He is ALWAYS trying to touch her!
Observing Norah during tummy time.
Chilling in the swing.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hanging out Poolside

After the fishing derby, we went back to mom and dad's to take a dip in the pool. This was a perfect chance to showcase the swim suit that I bought for Norah. It's pretty pointless to put a newborn in a bathing suit since they can't be in the sun and wouldn't like the cold water...but she looked really cute!

Jacob adoring always.
Deep in thought.
So cute!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Fishing Derby

A few weeks ago, we headed to Norwich to attend the annual fishing derby (you can see a few pics here from last year's adventure!).

While we didn't catch anything again this year, the boys still had fun casting out and reeling in...over and over again!

Fisher Logan
Fisher Jacob
Scott's second attempt at fishing...
Despite the heat, there were quite a few people there!
Grandma wasn't working at the derby this year so she got to fish with the boys.

It's not surprising that Jacob never caught anything. His line was never in the water long enough.
Freezie break!
Norah was there too!
Jacob's line needed some repair.
No fish. :(
Logan made sure the net was always ready...just in case!