Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Few Quick Pics

I'm heading to bed shortly, but wanted to post a few quick pictures. It's been great being off work and today Logan and I spent the whole day hanging out together, we had a good time.

I don't have much else to say...enjoy the pictures!

An action shot from the splash park.

Standing in the water.

Peeking through the window in his new fort.

Soaking up the sun and enjoying a freezie in the backyard today.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Impromtu Weekend Fun

We originally didn't have much planned for the weekend but ended up having a couple fun things to do. Scott was out on Friday night installing a hardwood floor at his cousin's house and we were invited to his uncle's trailer the next day. With plans to already go to Norwich on Sunday so I made a call to mom to see if it would be alright if we spent the night at their place on Saturday since the trailer is on the other side of Norwich from our place. Of course it was no problem.

Saturday, after Logan's nap, the three of us loaded into the car and headed to the trailer. It was a beautiful day (finally) and it was nice to be there. Scott's Uncle Tom and his wife Celine and an assortment of Scott's cousins were all there. We visited for a bit before everyone (except for Celine and I) headed to the dock for a boat ride.

Apparently Logan liked the boat ride, and especially liked to help Uncle Tome drive the boat.

All ready to go!

His favourite part - the steering wheel and the fish finder.

Riding with Daddy.

Helping Uncle Tom drive.

Having fun!

Arriving back at the dock.

"We're done already? But it was so fun!"

We stayed at the trailer for dinner with everyone before we headed to Norwich. Logan did great all afternoon and stayed up past his bedtime and was such a good boy. He fell asleep in the car on the way to mom and dad's but woke up a bit when we got there so he could see where he was sleeping. He even slept in the next morning, until almost 8am! That is a HUGE accomplishment, he must have been tired out from all the fun on Saturday.

We had breakfast at mom and dad's and then headed to church where mom lead the service. My grandma was also at church so Logan got to visit with her as well.

Playing in the morning.

After church, we had lunch and Logan went down for a nap. Once he got up, him and Scott and my mom went in the pool for a bit. The pool was warm enough but the air was still quite chilly. Logan had a lot of fun until we wouldn't let him go back in because he was so cold!

My mom bought this cool flotation thing for Logan to wear that was a ring with a shirt on it to keep him up. It was funny to watch Scott and my dad try to put it on him. As you can see, Logan is not very impressed.

Happily swimming!

We headed home after dinner last night. It was a great couple of days visiting with lots of family. It's so nice to take Logan out for longer periods of time and have him do so well. He's certainly growing up.

We're taking it easy today. We might head to a splash park (if it gets warm enough) and will likely do some clean up around the house. Logan and I leave for music camp next Saturday so I'll start getting ready for that too!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Summer Fun

Well it's official, I'm done work! Yesterday I worked a half day and that was it. We had a nice Swiss Chalet lunch as my send off and my colleagues gave me a couple nice gifts - one for baby and one for me. Being back at work for the last 9 months hasn't been as bad as I imagined it to be, I will miss being there at times. I definitely won't miss the crying daycare drop offs and the lack of time I get to spend with Logan. Like I said before, Logan will still go two or three days a week for the month of August but then he'll be done' I'm sure he'll miss it (we can go visit anytime) but I think he'll really like being at home with me.

Below are some random pictures from the last week.


Really cute dimples.

An inquisitive look.

Logan helping me make dinner one night.

Eating a peach...yes a whole peach. Logan has been obessessed with apples lately and picks up any fruit resembling and apple and says "apple" and then proceeds to eat it. He can eat almost a whole apple, it's so funny to watch.

Scott picked me up at work yesterday after lunch and we headed to the hospital for our registration appointment. They gave us a bunch of information that was the same as it was 2 years ago and we headed out to get Logan from daycare. Scott dropped us off at home and then headed to Elmira to help install a floor at his cousin's house. Logan and I spent the afternoon and early evening playing at home before he went to bed.

Logan had half a popsicle leftover in the freezer so we went outside after dinner for him to finish it. I was sitting on the stairs outside our house and when I gave him the popsicle, he ran to the neighbours yard and sat there to eat it. Funny kid.

He moved a bit closer to me...

And then really close!

We then headed to the backyard where Logan wanted to go in the pool, so I took off his clothes and then he didn't want to go in after all. He wandered around the yard and picked (and ate) raspberries. He already knew how to pick them but I had to help him figure out which ones were red and ok to eat. He ate a lot of raspberries!


And eating.

Picking and eating.

One last picture before he went to bed.

Today we're still undecided about what we're going to to but tomorrow we are heading to Norwich for church and to spend the day with my parents. Hopefully the weather holds out so we can get a swim in in their pool!

Here's to me posting more in the upcoming month....I'm hoping to!