Monday, July 28, 2008

Logan's Sweet New Ride

Yesterday when we picked Logan up from the nursery at church, he seemed VERY interested in a ride on toy that another little girl was riding. So we headed off to Toys R Us after lunch to see if we could find him something that would be appropriate for his age. We found the one in the picture above and came home to set it up for him.

Unfortunately, once we got home, Scott realized that there was a piece missing so I headed back to Toys R Us today to exchange it for a new one. We had success in putting it together and I was pleasantly surprised by how much Logan liked it. He was able to reach the ground with his feet and push it along!

Daddy putting it together and Logan looking on in anticipation - ok, really, he was excited because I was taking pictures.

Loving his new "car"

Look at me guys!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend Recap

We had a good weekend here, I can't believe it's already Sunday.

Yesterday we had a BBQ at our place with a bunch of our friends. The weather held off thankfully and we had a great afternoon/evening. For some reason, I didn't take any pictures...I'll have to remember next time. It was great to see some friends that we hadn't seen a while and get caught up.

Julie came down for the BBQ and stayed overnight last night so we got an extra visit with her! Logan grew to like her and especially liked having someone to smile at in the backseat on the way to and from church this morning. Logan did great in the nursery today again and seems to be beginning to enjoy being in there playing with the other kids and toys. We learned today that we need to send a snack with him since some of the other kids get snacks, and Logan wants theirs! Luckily there were some in the diaper bag that they were able to give them...he's a great eater!

Scott and I have really noticed Logan growing and changing over the last couple weeks since we returned from our visit with Pamela. The most notable change that we just came across yesterday is that he is cutting FOUR teeth! He's being going on his bottom two for months now but you can now see the front, top four coming through. I think that once babies get teeth they look so much more grown up. He's also really started moving around on the floor. He doesn't quite crawl yet, however he rolls and shifts his body all over the place and can really get around. He gets up on all fours but doesn't have the crawling motion down quite yet. So, he really does seem to be changing so much now....we're not sure we're ready for that.

Here are some pictures over the last few days.

Logan and Cheeto cuddling - they love each other

Loving bathtime!

Hey, I can see someone in there!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just Regular Summer Days

Things are pretty quiet at our house these days, there hasn't been too much going on. Although it is very wet! It's been raining for what seems like days. I read in the paper this morning that Waterloo Region is the 2nd wettest region in the country! So far this summer, we've had 258 mm of rain...a huge change from last summer when we had only 75mm in June, July and August combined!

Logan and I managed to make it to the University yesterday without getting wet for a lunch with my coworkers. It was nice to see everyone and they were all excited to see Logan. Logan put on a good show for them and was happy and smiling most of the time.

We also managed to kill some time playing in his toy basket yesterday in his room. We have a basket in his room that is filled with his toys. His favourite pastime involves taking everything out of the basket, then watching mommy fill it back up and then emptying it again. I decided yesterday to put something in the basket that the couldn't get out...HIM! We had a fun time playing in the basket.

Hey, this is fun!

Maybe if I untie the ribbon, I can get out?

There just isn't enough room with all these toys!

Monday, July 21, 2008

9 Months Old!

So Logan hit the 9 month mark last week! Hard to believe he's been out as long as he was in! The last 9 months have flown by so fast, even faster than the 9 months of pregnancy.

He's changed so much in such a short time. As he gets closer to crawling and sleeps through the night occasionally as well as eating EVERYTHING that he is offered, it's hard to see him as a little baby anymore.

He's 20lbs now and is just about 30in tall! A far cry from his 7lbs and 19in at's a good thing the rest of us don't gain weight like that...haha.

Here are a few pictures of his changes.

Just after birth

First day at home - so small in the big crib

3 months old - finally captured a smile on camera

3 months old - holding his head up so well

6 months old - loves the swings

6 months old

9 months old - loves helping with laundry

What a big boy!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend Updates

We've just been keeping things quiet this weekend, trying to get Logan back on track after our vacation. I can happily report that after a few nights of absolutely horrible sleep, he slept through the night last night! Wohoo! A good night's sleep was need for all of us, especially Logan. This morning at breakfast, he was back to his happy, rested and chatty self.

Logan has really taken to eating finger foods and is on his way to mastering his pincher grasp. This makes it so much easier for him to pick things up (and for the food to make it in his mouth). New to his accomplishments are peas and blueberries! Here he is at dinner last night successfully feeding himself. This way of eating is much easier for me but involves a lot of cleanup!

Ok, so this was me having some fun...pureed prunes act great as glue!

The baby bunnies out on the front lawn are doing well. We were able to catch the mother feeding them the other night and got a couple good pictures. She didn't stay for long, just fed them and hopped away! Last night Scott was outside and noticed one of the baby outside of the nest, he was just hopping around the front lawn. We're not sure if he got out on his own or what happened, hopefully he made it back to the nest successfully for the night.

Last year Scott planted a very small raspberry cane and it has really done well. Yesterday he was able to pick the first ever (and likely only) raspberry from the plant. He was quite proud of his little plant. We also planted a few canes from my mom's garden so we do have more berries than just this one. As the years pass and all the plants become more mature and rooted in our yard they will produce many, many berries!

That's about it for today, we're off to church this morning and then another quiet day at home.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Well we're back home now! We flew home on Wednesday night. Once again, Logan was a trooper on the airplane and wasn't any trouble. He was so tired when we got off the plane though and fell asleep as soon as I put him in the carseat to come home!

Logan being entertained by a set of headphones while grandma watches TV.

A tired little boy

Yesterday was a tiring day as Logan wanted to be held and entertained all the time like he was when we were away. Sadly, it was just mommy here to play with him, so while I tried to do as much as I could with him he was frustrated when I had to do things like go to the bathroom and make lunch. He'll have to get used to that again!

The baby bunnies are still in our front lawn, we saw the momma come back last night to feed them. They're getting so big now and actually look like cute little rabbits instead of ugly little mice.

We're having a quiet weekend at home this weekend. Time for daddy and Logan to play together since they missed each other when we were gone!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Flowers and Family

Some of the beautiful flowers at the garden

Yesterday was another nice day here in St. Andrews. It was a bit windy but nice and warm. Mom, Pamela, Logan and I headed to the main dining room here at the hotel for the Sunday brunch. There was so much to choose from. Logan ate so much at this meal, and none of it was baby food! He has been such a good eater on this the buffet he had chicken, potatoes, salmon, watermelon, canteloupe and bread, he just kept eating and eating!
After brunch, we went to Kingsbrae Garden; a 27 acre garden here in St. Andrews that has been named one of Canada's top ten gardens. There were different types of gardens and so much much to look at. Logan had a great time riding in the stroller and reaching his arms out on both sides trying to grab everything in sight!
Successfully grabbing a shrub!

Posing next to a big garden gnome
There was a really neat sensory garden that had been created for those who are visually impaired. We let Logan out of the stroller at this point and he loved touching, feeling and trying to eat all the flowers and greenery!

Oooh, this feels so soft mommy!

Just outside the sensory garden, Logan and a dog statue

Since dad was planning on getting away early this morning we had a nice dinner in the main dining room last night. Pamela and Jared were both off work so it was nice for all of us to have dinner together. The food was really good and once again Logan did well considering it was a long time for him to be sitting still. Good thing there were lots of people to hold him!

Jared, Pamela, Dad, Mom, Logan and I

Logan has successfully mastered the art of eating cheerios this week!

Another picture of Aunt Pamela and Logan

Dad left this morning at 4:45am to head for home. It's raining, misty and dark here today, it'll likely be a long ride home on his bike.

Pamela is off work again today so we're hoping to head to an aquariam here once Logan wakes from his nap.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Logan and Aunt Pamela

Logan and Aunt Pamela at the clubhouse for lunch

Since Pamela has been here in New Brunswick since before Logan was born, she hasn't been able to see him very much. She came to Waterloo to meet him in November when he was a few weeks old, and then again in March when he was a bit older. This visit in St. Andrew's though will be the longest amount of time that Logan and she have spent together.

Logan and Aunt Pamela in November 2007

Logan and Aunt Pamela in March 2008

It didn't seem to take long for Logan to warm up to his Aunt Pamela. He loves an audience and she gives him that. She's been able to give him a bottle and feed him his solids as well. One thing that Logan seems to love about his Aunt Pamela is her eye. For some reason, he likes to grab her eye (kind of the eyelid part) and hang onto it. I've never seen him do this before, but I guess her eyes look good to him! Logan also likes to use his Aunt Pamela as his human Jolly Jumper! She holds him around the waist and he bounces up and down for a long time!

Logan and Aunt Pamela on the whale watching boat

Aunt Pamela isn't too taken by the messy part of babies. She doesn't like when Logan is dirty or drools and likes to stay far away from diaper changes.

Logan and Aunt Pamela in St. Andrews

Surprise Visit from Grandpa

Grandpa in Logan's new hat

We were surprised on Friday by a visit from Logan's grandpa! He told my mom that he was going on a bike trip for the weekend but didn't say where he was going. On Friday afternoon when we were headed to the pool we saw a motorcycle that looked very similar to dad's....walked over and yes it was him! He'd come down on his bike for the weekend.

Dad loves to do long distance bike rides so coming to St. Andrew's would have been a fun ride for him.

He's been able to come to the pool with us and join us for meals (we've even been eating outside on patios!). Pamela is off work today so we'll be having a nice dinner tonight in the dining room here at the hotel before he heads home tomorrow morning.

Grandpa and Logan on the porch at the hotel

Friday, July 11, 2008

Whale Watching

Yesterday was a great day!

We headed over to Pamela's place for lunch where we had grilled cheese and salad. This was Logan's first time having grilled cheese, and as with most foods we had success, he loved it.

After lunch we headed to the wharf to go whale watching. First, since it was low tide, we took a look at some of the sea life that was hanging onto the docks waiting for the tide to come in. There were so many starfish, lots of corral and some jellyfish. (I was holding Logan so didn't get any pictures but I'll get some from mom eventually.) It was all really neat - Jared grabbed a starfish for us to see more closely...even Logan wanted to touch it.

We boarded our boat for whale watching and headed out. This was right around Logan's nap time, so I popped him in the carrier and he fell asleep and had a good 1.5 hour nap! Luckily, I got to see quite a few whales just out of the window. Not only were we successful in seeing whales, but we also saw bald eagles, seals, porpoises and a salmon farm. It was pretty tough to snap a picture of the whales since they moved so quickly but Pamela managed to snap a few.

Our little sailorA picture of a whale...not a great one, but you can kind of see it

There was an upper deck to the boat, that you could go up on to see better. Pamela, Jared and mom went up there and were able to catch some good glimpses of the whales. Once Logan woke up, we went up for a short time was pretty windy too.

Here's Jared...apparently the top of the boat was very relaxing

Perhaps Pamela was trying to be artistic here?

After a great whale watching trip, we headed for dinner. The patios here are all right on the water and the weather was so nice last was a great patio night! Logan was in a great mood and shared a little bit of food off everyone's plate. There was also a cat that appeared on the patio at one point. I took Logan over to see it...he was very happy to see a cat, I think he misses ours.

Logan's down for his morning nap now. We're going to head downtown today to check out the shops and stroll around.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fun in St. Andrew's

So here we are in St Andrew's by the Sea, NB. We arrived on Tuesday evening after a quick plane trip. Logan was a champ on the plane...grandma bought him a couple new toys but he was most excited by the tv, bag of Bits and Bites and an empty cup. (He does love the toys now though!)

Logan on the airplane

Pamela picked us up at the airport in St. John and we had dinner at Swiss Chalet (a favourite of hers) and did a bit of shopping at Walmart. We took the 1.5 hour drive to St. Andrew's and arrived at the Fairmont Algonquin. Since it was already well past Logan's bedtime we got up to our room and went to bed.

Yesterday, we were hoping to go whale watching but it didn't seem as though the fog was going to lift, so we decided to postpone that activity for a better day. It's pretty foggy here both in the morning and at night...probably because it's fairly warm during the day but really cools off in the evening and through the night. So instead, we went to Ministers Island. It's an island here in St. Andrew's where William Van Horne had an estate. We were able to drive onto the island since it was during low tide...a few hours later and the "road" we were on would have been covered in water. We took at look at Van Horne's barn and summer home. The summer home was huge...17 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms.

We headed back and had lunch at the clubhouse here at the Algonquin and went for a swim in the afternoon. Logan loves swimming so much!

Logan tuckered out after a long day - he's lying on his duck, holding onto his bear and sucking his thumb (all with his butt in the air!)

Today we are going whale watching, so that should be fun...hopefully we'll see some whales.
I've realized that most of the pictures that I've taken are of Logan...I'll try and get some from mom's camera to so more of what we did!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Birds, Bunnies and Birthdays

I have a couple days to catch up on here...bear with me!

Saturday, Logan, Scott and I went to Victoria Park for lunch and a walk around the park. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I have a fear of birds....irrational as it may sound to some of you, it's for real! Logan, fortunately, doesn't seem to have this fear as the ducks and swans got very close to us at the park. Scott was trying to feed him as the swans were making their way to the water.

Logan watching the swan intently
The swan staring right at us!
His happy expression when he sees the swan moving

This morning on our way out the door on the way to church, we noticed a rabbit sitting in the middle of the lawn. Scott took Logan a bit closer to show him and we were both surprised that even as close as we were getting, the rabbit was not hopping away. After watching for a couple minutes, we realized that the rabbit was giving birth! Here she'd dug herself a nest in the middle of our front lawn to have her little babies. When she was "done" she sat up a bit and revealed 4 (I think) ugly, little, hairless bunnies. She licked them off, and then shoved them under the grass that she had dug up. Then she promptly hopped I mean hop. I wish that humans could recover from giving birth so quickly.

Mommy rabbit giving birth
Pushing the babies under the grass...if you look closely, you can see them
What the nest looks like
Baby bunnies, just a few hours old
Baby bunnies again

I found out from Wipikedia that rabbit parents are very inattentive to their young and act pretty much as absentee parents. The mother births the "kittens" then leaves and usually only returns once per day for a quick feeding. Because they feed so infrequently, rabbit milk is very nutrient rich and just a very short nursing session once per day gives the babies all they need to survive.

This afternoon, we headed over to Scott's parent's house for the Annual "Miller Birthday Bash". Since Scott, his brother, his mom and dad all have birthdays in late June/early July, we get together once to celebrate. We sat out in the backyard and enjoyed the nice weather. Logan had a good time visiting everyone and went right to bed when he got home!

Logan in his retro high chair at grandma and grandpa Miller's house

Logan and I and my mom are heading to New Brunswick on Tuesday to visit my sister. It'll be Logan's first time on a plane and sleeping in a hotel. We've got a few activities planned but will mostly just be relaxing. I'll try and post from there if I get a chance...which I probably will...what else do you do in a hotel room at night when a baby is sleeping?