Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Morning

We didn't make Easter a huge deal at home. Just a few outside toys for the kids and a little egg hunt in the living room. They loved it!

Trying out his new hula hoop and just noticing the Toy Story bubble bath!

Checking out the goods inside his egg.

So proud to have found one!

Logan breaks the eggs open.

Look Mom! A jellybean!

We dressed up for church...I tried to take some pictures.

Handsome guy.

Being pretty cute.

Not sure if I like this one...

...or this one better. (I forgot to crop this one).

The best of the bunch.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt!

On Saturday morning, we headed to Norwich to take part in the Optimist's Easter Egg Hunt (which my mom was organizing!). We got to mom and dad's house, loaded the boys into the stroller and walked to the park with Uncle Scott and Jamie in search of some eggs.

The eggs are hidden in the Peter Lossing Forest in Norwich. Don't worry, it's not a big forest, just a gathering of trees, really.

Logan waiting for the official "GO!"

It rained that morning so we were prepared with rubber boots for everyone...aren't Scott's attractive?

Jacob waiting. (Jacob has this new thing about hanging onto and hugging our legs, all the time. It used to be cute, now it's just a bit annoying!)

Mom finally yelled GO! and we were off. The forest is split into sections according to age. So the boys were in the under 3 category. Scott lifted up Jacob and ran toward the back so he could get a chance at getting a few eggs. Uncle Scott and Jamie took Logan so I don't have any pictures of them right now.

"Look! There's one!"

Bending down to pick it up.

Checking out his haul of eggs.

He was pretty excited about having them in his basket.

Heading back with Daddy with a tight grip on that basket.

There was even an appearance by the Easter Bunny!

After the egg hunt, we headed to the Curling Club for lunch. While we were there, the boys were both lucky enough to win a door prize; a bucket of chalk for Logan and a bubble sword for Jacob; as well as the jar of jelly beans! We came home with quite a haul.

Jacob was pretty anxious waiting for lunch, so here's a rare picture of him and I.

Logan making good progress of his hot dog.

Finally, Jacob got some food. You'd never know that the kid had already eaten tonnes that day.

Modeling the bunny ears that Jamie helped him make.

They made a pair for Jacob too.

I'm not sure what caught his attention but I thought this was a cute pic.

We headed back to mom and dad's for naptime and then headed outside to play for a bit before a yummy supper.

Scott pretending that he knows how to play baseball...

Here's a series of pictures I call "Hiding Beer in the Mailbox"

Take a drink...

Slide it into the mailbox...

Put up the flag.

He seems pretty pleased with his hiding spot.

This is the only picture I have of the kids together...I put a lot of thought into their outfits to make them match.

Playing hockey.

Jacob's art on the driveway.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Birthday Party at FunWorx

On Friday morning we headed to FunWorx in Kitchener for the birthday party of a friend. I've realized that I didn't take any pictures of the actual birthday boy (oops) but have lots of my kids.

FunWorx is a large indoor playground. It's geared to older kids (like Logan) but Jacob had fun too. It was Good Friday and there were several birthday parties going on so the place was super busy but the boys seemed to have a great time.

Logan entering the giant play structure.

Jacob collects up some balls.

Logan spent a lot of his time playing with his friend Olivia. I saw them climbing around together and caught a few pictures of Logan helping her up when she couldn't quite reach.

It was a stretch even for him to get up.

She just couldn't get up there.

So Logan reached down to lend her a hand.


Back to Jacob and the balls.

Jacob crawling around inside.

After playing for a while, we headed upstairs for pizza and cake in honour of the birthday boy.

Logan sucking back some orange pop.

Jacob, the eating machine, who ate more than most of the other kids (who were all older than him)!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chocolate Nests

For Easter, Logan and I made chocolate nests this year. We don't really eat hard boiled eggs, so the thought of colouring eggs wasn't very appealing. These nests were fun and so easy to have Logan help with. We gave a bunch of them out as gifts too!

Putting the eggs in the nests.

Concentrating hard.

So yummy!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Jacob: First Haircut

So the time finally came for Jacob's first haircut; April 21, 2011. He, Logan and I headed to the kid's haircutting place and I was hoping and praying that it would go better than Logan's first hair cut...especially since I didn't have Scott there as back up.

We got there and they were running behind, as usual, so the kids played. I managed to snap a few "before" pictures of Jacob's hair.

While a decent mullet was developing in the back, it was quite long in the front as well.

I thought the little wisps were pretty cute!

When it was his turn, Logan helped me pick out a movie for Jacob to watch (we selected the Wiggles) and then we took him over to the seat (a car) to put him in. This was the beginning of the end. As soon as I tried to put him in he grabbed on to me and started screaming at the top of his lungs. I eventually got him in and buckled up and the lady just started going at his hair. It wasn't pretty.

He held his blanket and had his soother but neither were providing much relief.

I only got these two pictures because I needed to be holding his head at least a bit still for her.

Bless the woman who cut his hair. I know it's her job and that she cuts kid's hair but really; my kid gave her a run for her money. I was hot and sweaty when it was over, I can only imagine how she was feeling.

It wasn't until we got him out of the chair and gave him a balloon that he finally calmed down. She tried to get a picture of him for his "Baby's First Haircut" certificate but he kept turning away from her.

With his new do and balloon. (He's pretty hairy because we didn't even try to put the cape thing on him...)

Hiding behind his balloon.

A shot once we got back home.

The hair cut is super cute, he definitely needed it. But hopefully the hair will grow back slowly so that it's a while before we have to go back again!