Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas in Ottawa

My dad's older brother and his family live in Ottawa, so every few years we take our extended family Christmas to their place so that they don't have to travel EVERY year. On Boxing Day we loaded Logan and all of our stuff into the car and hoped for a good trip!

Logan was fussy already when we started the trip so Scott gave him his wallet to keep him happy for a while.

The total trip each way took us 5.5 hours with just one stop. Before the trip lots of people were asking if Logan was a car sleeper. I answered that yes, he usually does sleep in the car. Well not this time...on the way to Ottawa he slept for a grand total of....30 minutes! And on the way home he slept for about 1 hour and 40minutes (split into two naps). So my answer now is, no he isn't a car sleeper. Despite the lack of napping time he was SO good in the car and was kept happy by his music, snacks and toys. It was a good trip in the car.

Amusing himself with two sippy cups. You'll notice that he isnt' wearing any socks. If we put him in the car without shoes or boots on the first thing he does is pull off his socks!

Trying to pull the pillow off his carseat.

We stayed a the house of a friend of my aunt and uncle while in Ottawa. She was out of town and was gracious enough to have us (as well as my parents and brother) stay at her place. However, since she doesn't have children, her house was understandably not child-proofed which provided Logan with so many things to check out.

Grandpa keeping Logan occupied with his Blackberry.

Reading a magazine.

We had a great visit with family for the couple of days that we were there. Logan was pretty overtired by the end but he did really well too. My aunt and uncle have a dog named Mya that REALLY liked Logan. She followed us all over the house and napped when Logan did since she was so tired from following us around.


Mya and Logan playing.

Scott helping Logan have a snack with Mya longing watching hoping that some of the snack may fall to the floor.

We had a couple great meals, played a lot of Guitar Hero, visited with family and opened some Christmas gifts.

Logan looking at his new book. (Notice Mya close by...)

The drive home went well as well. Logan napped more this time so that was good. We were all glad to be home and sleep in our beds again.

Since we got home on Sunday, Logan and I have just been hanging out at home, enjoying our time together! I'm sure I'll post some pictures from our days at home soon!

Christmas Day (Part 2)

For breakfast on Christmas morning we had cinnamon buns which Logan really liked...well really, he liked the icing, but I think he managed to eat some of the buns too.
Can we have these every morning?

After breakfast we headed back into the living room to open the gifts under the tree. Logan loved ripping off the paper and enjoying each toy.

Since my sister is in Lake Louise for Christmas this year, she sent her gifts in the mail to us. Scott and I got a puzzle of Lake Louise and an inukshuk. And she sent Logan a couple books and a cute Lake Louise t-shirt. Aunt Pamela, here are some pictures of Logan opening your gift to him.


Logan's biggest gift was a Little People set, the amusement park. He likes it now but I think on Christmas morning his favourite part was unwrapping the big box and playing in it!

After Logan's nap we headed over to New Hamburg to Scott's parents place for dinner and a few more gifts. Unfortunately Scott's mom blew her knee out that morning and had just returned home before dinner. Even though she was in quite a bit of pain it was nice to have her at dinner.

Scott's brother and his wife also announced that they are expecting a baby in June! We look forward to being an aunt and uncle and for a new cousin for Logan to play with. Congratulations guys!

Logan was one tired little man when we got home and went straight to bed but it's pretty safe to say that he enjoyed his 2nd Christmas!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Day (Part 1)

Logan woke up bright and early on Christmas, as per usual. He had no idea what kind of day he was awaking too, but he was ready to go!

Merry Christmas!

Once we had Logan changed, we headed down to the living room to see if Santa had visited over night. He indeed had and Logan was excited about what was left for him.

Meeting his new bear.
"I just love this bear mommy, I want to hug him all the time!"

We took our time looking through our stockings and the many treasures that awaited us. We had to help Logan along a little bit as he wanted to play with everything that he pulled out.

Un-stuffing his stocking.
Trying to eat his orange from the toe of the stocking.
I helped him get the orange peeled...here he is holding the section of orange in his mouth.

Once Logan had his stocking emptied and a bunch of new stuff to look at, Scott and I took a look at ours.

Scott, checking out his "professional farter" pen...haha.

Logan helping daddy.

Playing with mommy's new whisk.

Once the stockings were emptied, Logan was getting pretty hungry for breakfast, so we took an intermission from Christmas morning for a bite to eat. Before grabbing breakfast, I tried once again to get a family picture...it was so much easier last year when he didn't move!

The best of the bunch...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas (belated)

So I'm a few days behind...we've a had a busy few days of Christmas celebrations around here...I'll begin the catch up now.

After we had spent the day in Norwich for Christmas, we returned home and went back to work. My mom came on Monday as usual and watched Logan as Scott and I headed to work. Tuesday was much of the same with Logan going to daycare and me only working a half day! Logan got a nice gift from Sherry, his daycare provider and said good-bye to her and the other kids as I'm off work until January 5 so he'll get to spend the time at home with me!

Scott was meant to go into work on Wednesday but a fever kept him home that day - it was probably for the best though since we got totally dumped on. I did as much shovelling as I could but was thankful that Scott was feeling better and was able to help to shovel out the mess at the end of the driveway...if not, I might still be out there!

Scott had to walk across the front yard to rescue this tree that had bent over from the weight of all the snow on it! You can see that the snow was up to his knees.

Logan and I ran a few errands picking up a few groceries and some pictures and spent the rest of the day being lazy at home.

Here's Logan "helping" me bring in the groceries...I guess I didn't latch the door behind me and he escaped onto the snow covered porch.

After dinner we got changed and ready to head out to church. I thought this would be a good chance to try and get a good family Christmas picture. We didn't get a great one...here are some of the outtakes. All I can say is thank goodness for digital cameras!

Here's Logan standing in front of the tree....it's impossible to get him to pose these days.

Our church did a great Christmas Ever service. We sang lots of carols and watched some dramas. Since there was no nursery, Logan was with us for the service, he did pretty well, he just got restless during the quick sermon. All the other kids were getting restless as well...so we weren't the only ones. Logan really enjoyed the carols and danced and clapped along to all the songs. He also "sang" along. Often when music is playing or a bunch of people are singing, Logan opens and closes his mouth; like he is mouthing the words to the song. I really think that he thinks he is "singing" like the rest of us...it's really cute.

After church we came home and got Logan into his new Christmas pyjamas before bed. He had no idea what would happen the next morning but I think he was pretty excited to be taking so many pictures before bed. Here are his cute pjs.

After Logan went to bed Santa stuffed his stocking and then headed off to bed ourselves.

Logan's stuffed stocking.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Learning to Self Feed

These pictures need no words...they speak for themselves...

Christmas in Norwich (pic heavy)

Since this year we will be spending Christmas Day with Scott's parents, we headed to Norwich on Sunday for the Dolson Christmas celebration! Unfortunately Pamela will still be in Lake Louise for the holidays but Scott was home from school so we were almost all there. Luckily the weather wasn't too bad on Sunday so we were able to make it to Norwich in time for most of church and a visit with mom and dad in the afternoon.

Logan helped himself to the snacks all day.
More snacking...
Walking proud with grandpa.
Just hanging out.
Reading all the Christmas cards.

We had a turkey lunch together and then opened some gifts. This is technically Logan's 2nd Christmas but since he pretty much slept through it all last year, I was looking forward to all these things!

Not sure what's going to happen next!
A new guitar from Uncle Scott!
Even Grandpa likes the guitar.
One of Scott's new gifts...

We took our time opening gifts and letting Logan enjoy everything...he played with it all. His guitar from Uncle Scott was a big hit as was a crib toy from Grandma and Grandpa...it attaches to the side of his crib so he has something to play with when he wakes up. This morning he cried when I took him OUT of bed since he wanted to keep playing.

Logan took a nap, then we took a few quick pictures before heading home before the weather got worse again.

Logan and Grandma and Grandpa
Logan and Mommy and Daddy

Christmas celebrations to be continued...but that was a great start!