Monday, January 31, 2011

Panama: Logan goes Kayaking

Scott's Uncle Tom offered to take Logan kayaking and Logan agreed to go! They grabbed lifejackets and headed out.

Tom reported that Logan was pretty quiet during the trip but he tells us that he had fun!

Heading out.

A view of the beach.

Heading back to shore.

A sandpiper on the beach (this is for you, Mom!)

The kayakers!

Panama: The Ocean

The boys had their first experience of the ocean on this trip. Logan loved the waves and laughed hysterically every time one hit him. Jacob on the other hand, was not a fan.

Aunt Pamela and Logan enter cautiously.

You can't really tell, but he's already crying in this picture.

The closest he got.

|Anticipating a big wave...

Trying to go back for more!

That's them on the right with a wave splashing against them.

Panama: The Daily Routine

Most of our days followed the same routine.

Wake up. Kids watch DVDs until a reasonable hour. Get dressed. Meet assorted family members for breakfast. Go to the pool. Swim, play on the beach, etc. Go to lunch with assorted family members. Go back to the room for naps. The afternoon brought on varied activities. Meet family for supper. Enjoy the warm evenings. Try to watch the evening program. Back to room. Kids to bed. Sometimes Scott would go out. Sometimes mom would come to be with the boys while they slept (THANKS!). Sometimes we would just go to bed early.

A pretty simple day most of the time. Best part was, there was no cooking or cleaning involved!

The resident peacock who hung out outside our room all the time.

Jacob meets the peacock.

First day at the pool.

Logan taking it all in.

This is the life!

Jacob meets the sand!

Portable DVD player = best $40 ever spent!

Ready for a day at the beach.

He's ready too!

Jacob loved meal time.

Yay! Aunt Pamela arrives.

Very cute.

Walking with Grandpa.

Building sandcastles.

A very determined digger.

More to come...

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Panama: The Beginning

We left for Panama on January 16. Our flight didn't leave until the 17th but since we needed to be at the airport at an awful 4am, we headed to Toronto a day early.

Ready to head for the sun and warmth!

The snow that we left behind.

We stayed at the Hilton in a room across the hall from mom and dad. It was quite a modern hotel and the two beds in our room were set up with the backs of the headboards touching. Logan's favourite part were the two tvs and two phones in the room.

Jacob took laps around the beds!

After a failed attempt to going swimming (we realized once we got changed and went downstairs that it was an OUTDOOR poool), we met mom and dad for supper and then went to bed early for a few hours of sleep!

We woke up early, caught a shuttle to the airport, checked our luggage and then waited.

Grandma and Logan reading a book to pass the time.

Checking to see if our plane is out there.

We boarded the plane and took off. Both kids slept for about 1 hour of the 5.5 hour flight. They were very well behaved and quite enjoyed watching videos on the DVD player that we brought to pass time. It was pretty cramped on the flight and Scott and I have since decided that we don't want to fly with a lap baby again! Since Jacob didn't have a seat, there was a lot of juggling of people and stuff!

This is the only picture I took on the was squishy.

After 5.5 hours on the plane, we arrived in Panama! We grabbed our luggage and headed outside (to the warmth!) to find our bus.

Logan on the bus, ready to leave the airport and head to the resort, 2.5 hours away.

It was a long bus ride and despite being exhausted, the kids were great. Our tour guide told us lots about Panama on the way to the resort.

Traffic in Panama City

Apartment buildings in Panama City.

Finally, we arrived at the Royal Decameron, 1 of only 3 resorts in Panama. We got our keys, found our room, had supper and went to bed. It had been a long day! I didn't even take any pictures!

Friday, January 28, 2011

A Quick Update

Yes, we are still alive. We are back from Panama and I have about 500 pictures. I know you're all dying to see them, even though many of you were there with us! I'll get to it, sometime. Maybe this weekend when Scott is home I can get some blogging done.

In the meantime, here's a picture and an explanation. We arrived home late on Monday night. I did laundry ALL DAY on Tuesday and then on Wednesday Jacob spiked a pretty high fever and needed me to hold him ALL THE TIME. He was better on Thursday but still cranky. He's finally starting to feel better today. But other than do laundry and hold him, I haven' t done much.

Neither of my kids have ever done this. I put him down sitting up to watch TV, came back about 5 minutes later and he was flat out sleeping. He must have been sick!

Stay tuned...