Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lazy Week at Home

We haven't been up to much this week. On Monday we took our regular trip to the library where we learned the letter "B" and about our bodies. Logan seems to enjoy story time more and more each week!

On Tuesday morning, Jacob humored us and actually napped in his crib for about an hour, TWICE! Logan and I took advantage of this time and did a craft. For those of you who know me, this is quite an accomplishment. Logan had a great time and the wreath that we made turned out great (unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the finished product!)

A pensive look from the little guy before his 2 naps!

Working with glue and concentrating hard.

Adding all the shapes.

"I'll have this sticker next mom!"

And of course, my child who puts everything in his mouth, just HAD to taste the glue.

This week, we also moved Logan into a booster seat right at the table so that Jacob could sit in the highchair (which has an awesome reclining feature for babies). Logan is pretty messy eater so we were a bit apprehensive but it seems to be going well so far. He sits at the table longer and is happy doing so, so if anything, that is great.

Enjoying some blueberries in his big boy seat.

Jacob in his neat seat. (And playing with the lobster from St. Andrews).

Other than that, we've just been hanging out at home. Logan's got a bit of a cold and I'm trying to work at Jacob sleeping in his crib during the day. He sleeps great at night but daytime sleep is still a struggle, much like it was with Logan.

Here are a few pictures of bathtime tonight.

Jacob, waiting for his turn. (That's his herniated belly button you can see; it sticks out like that all the time and will hopefully heal on it's own over time).

We put Logan in the big tub and Jacob in the baby tub in the big tub. When Jacob was done, Logan got in the little tub to play.

Trying to fit with all his toys.

And for comparison sake, here's Logan at about 3.5 months in the same tub. He certainly fills it out a bit more now!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Pamela!

Happy birthday to our Aunt and sister, Pamela!

Pamela is living in Lake Louise now, so we won't be able to celebrate with her; but since she's one of the primary readers of this blog, I thought it would be fun to dedicate a post just to her! (If you read the blog, let me know...maybe I'll post about YOUR birthday too!)

Even though she lives far away, Pamela is an awesome aunt to Logan and Jacob. We all had lots of fun with her when she visited in October.

Anyways, here are a bunch of pictures of Pamela from her recent trip home!

Pamela with Jacob.

Jacob cuddling with Aunt Pamela at Andrew's concert - she must make a comfy place to sleep!

Helping Logan open his birthday presents.

Pamela, Scott and their nephews!

Playing at the park.

Swinging with Logan - they both look so happy here.

Holding Jacob at Grandma's on Thanksgiving.

Happy Birthday Pamela, we miss you! Have a fun night tonight!

Love Rachel, Scott, Logan and Jacob

Santa Claus Parade and Other Randomness

Two blog posts in one week? Wow!

We've had a quiet week at home this week. We went out to the library on Monday and to visit Mindy and her kids on Friday (I forgot the camera though). Logan had a great time playing with Bella and Hannah and chasing the girls around the house!

Today we went to the Santa Claus parade in Waterloo. We had no idea how Logan would do since we hadn't been to a parade since last year when he still wasn't walking.

So, we all just sit on blankets at the side of the road, watching cars go by?

We got to "our spot" about an hour before the parade started and Logan did great just hanging around. He ran up and down a small hill behind us, watched the buses come by (he has a fascination with buses) and continually looked up and down the street; although I'm sure he had NO idea WHAT he was looking for, haha.

Running away from Daddy.

Jacob slept through the ENTIRE parade. Each time a big truck blew it's loud horn by us, I checked on him and he was sleeping peacefully. If only he could sleep through Logan's outbursts at home like that...

Logan and I, still waiting.

Ok mom, is it time, yet?

Once the parade finally started, Logan was awestruck. For the first half of it, he just sat on the blanket and hardly moved unless he was clapping along to some music. Our wild and crazy kid just sat there, it was unbelievable. I think he like the bands the best but also liked all of the big inflatable floats. And of course, one of his obsessions right now, the MAIL TRUCK.

The highlight of the parade for Logan.

A pic of the three of us...Logan is in his glazed over state, staring at the parade.

In the Olympic spirit, there were people dressed as the popular Olympic mittens which I thought was pretty cool.

Scott and Logan

A great picture of Logan waving hi to Santa.

The highlight of the parade for Scott - the street sweepers!

The parade must have been exhausting for Logan since he fell asleep in the car on the way home and continued to sleep as we brought him inside, took off his winter clothes and took him up to bed where he slept for over 1.5 hours!

Tired little boy.

Wiped right out.

Jacob however, was not quite as tired and he played with his toys while Logan slept.

The parade was a great experience, we'll be going to the Norwich Santa Claus parade in a couple of weeks, so hopefully Logan will be just as excited.

Here are a few other shots that I took this week while hanging out at home.

Logan wearing an old pair of glasses.

What a sweet little musician...

Turned into a crazy musician!

Sweet Jacob sleeping in his swing.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Keeping the People Happy

So once again, it's been awhile and "my people" are looking for more pictures. I can't possibly update everything that's been going on so I'll just do a "picture post" which will at least give a glimpse of what's been going on.

Logan looking out the window at the new building that Scott has been working at for the last couple of years.

Examining the geothermal piping in the building.

Enjoying the open space to RUN in.

Jacob having some "cuddle time" with Peanut

The best shot we got of Logan in his Hallowe'en costume.

The best shot from last can't even see his face.

And from the year before.

The best shot we got of the two of them...yes, Logan IS trying to eat the pumpkin. Seriously, this kid still puts EVERYTHING in his mouth.

A cute pic of Jacob and Grandma Dolson

A great shot of Logan and daddy when we were out for lunch one day.

Learning to bowl.

Jacob enjoying the outing at the bowling alley...haha.

Logan is pretty obsessed with going around trees these days.

Logan after his latest haircut (his third one ever). This was by far the best cut yet - between watching a Doodlebops video and playing with keys, he was pretty distracted and shed very few tears. He still doesn't want to wear the cape yet so he gets pretty hairy!

Trying out Darren's hockey helmet...his head was so heavy he kept almost falling over.

A family pic taken at Jenn and Darren's.

Doing the monkey bars at an early morning trip to the park. (Note to everyone: nylon pants plus a wet slide at the park make for a very fast ride down the slide...oops.)

Daddy and Logan checking out the ducks on our walk.

Logan listening intently at Joel's baptism. Logan loves singing at church so he is always holding the hymn book when we're there.

Todd, Helena and Joel at Joel's baptism.

Logan looking at his book with Scott's Aunt Cathy after the baptism.

A shot of Jacob's tongue.

Jacob often has his mouth open in pictures but it's hard to catch his smile.

Jacob loves sitting up with Scott like this at night, but he almost always falls asleep just sitting there, it's so cute.

Both boys reading Goodnight Moon with Grandma

Playing on the kitchen floor.

Finally caught a picture of Jacob smiling tonight!

Jacob playing in the crib with his bear.

He's finally starting to look a little bit chubby. (Thanks for the shirt Aunt Pamela!)

A fun shot of Logan before bed tonight.

Jacob is now sleeping between 6 and 8 hours each night before waking to eat and then go back to sleep for a couple more hours. He is smiling lots and is more active every day. Logan loves Jacob and always wants to be near him. He likes to hug and kiss him and tries at times to pick him up!

Here are the links to a couple of videos I took of Jacob tonight.

Once again, I'll try and post again promises though!