Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More Birthday Celebrations!

Since we had to leave to go to the Wiggles concert before supper, we celebrated Logan's birthday a day late at home. (He was still confused though since his friends didn't come over for his party, he didn't think it was his birthday yet).

He had requested tacos for his birthday supper.
Mmm, tacos.
Jacob likes tacos too!
5 candles!
Action shot!
He didn't mind that the icing turned out a brown colour in my attempt to make it red.
Opening a few presents.
This one is a funny shape.
What could it be?
Jacob patiently restrains himself from helping with the opening process.
Norah was there too!
Yay! New drumsticks! 
All three kiddos.
Big brother and baby sister.
Tried to get a picture of the two boys....
Mommy and Logan

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Logan Turns 5!

Since we wouldn't be able to celebrate Logan's birthday after school, I wanted to do something special in the morning before school.

Birthday pancakes!
It looks like a 5, right? Logan thought it was a snake...
Happy birthday boy.
Sporting his sticker from Aunt Gerry!

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Wiggles!

Grandma (with the red car) bought us tickets to see The Wiggles on their retirement tour. 3 of the 4 Wiggles are retiring at the end of this year and new Wiggles (plus the current blue Wiggle) will be taking over. Logan, my mom and I saw them a couple years ago so it was fun to take the whole family to see them one more time.

Holding their tickets while waiting in line.
(See Logan's new watch from Aunt Pamela?|)
The boys with their new Wiggle merchandise.
Norah was there too!
Pretty fun birthday celebration!
The stage.
Snacking on popcorn before the show.
Daddy can't contain his excitement!
The girls!
Norah sporting Jacob's new hat.
The view from our seats.
There they are! In the big red car!
Norah was drawn to the lights on the stage...I'm not sure she ever cracked a smile though.
Murray Wiggle reading out some signs.
 Norah fell asleep in the middle of the show.

Jeff Wiggle collecting roses for Dorthy the Dinosaur.
The boys really enjoyed it. I was worried that Jacob might not like how loud it was but I think we were far enough away that he wasn't bothered. The went through stages of being absolutely mesmerized and then dancing like crazy to the music.

Thanks for the tickets, Grandma!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Our Other Family Members

Logan needed to take a picture of our family and our pets into school a couple weeks ago. Scott managed to get this one of Sigmund, Peanut and Cheeto all sitting together!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Celebrating Logan's Birthday/Visit to the Corn Maze

Last weekend we headed to Norwich for a day. It was the only day in the entire month that both mom and dad and our family were free! We wanted to celebrate Logan's upcoming birthday and also hit up the Corn Maze if weather allowed us.

While it was windy and cold, it wasn't raining so we decided (perhaps against our better judgement?) to go to the corn maze. Dad opted to stay home (smart man), so the five of us and my mom loaded into the van prepared with our rubber boots!

Jacob and Daddy playing pumpkin bowling.

Pumping water.
Racing duckies!
This slide was very fast...
Jacob and Scott are just a blur!
Contemplating climbing the wall.
So then we decide to enter the maze. We pick maze#1 which mom (who works at the corn maze) says is the easier of the two. It's cold. It's muddy, but in we go.

Reading a question which if you get the right answer is supposed to keep you going in the right direction.
Norah was there too!
Another question...this could have been where we went wrong.
 Then I stopped taking pictures. It seemed like we'd been in there forever. We did finally get out on our own, but it was long. Remind me next year to stay home when my mom says "You can just stay here with Norah, you know."

It was fun...and the boys had a good time (except Logan when he kept slipping in the mud). :)

We then headed back to mom and dads where Logan opened his birthday gifts.

Grandpa supervising in the background.
New pants!
Scott's drink of choice.
Checking out the new book.
Birthday brownies!
The happy birthday boy.
Trying to get them all.
Getting that last one.
Thanks for the fun day!