Thursday, October 30, 2008

Survived Another Day

Today was a long day at daycare. I dropped Logan off just after 8:30am and picked him up around 3:30pm. The report when I got there to get him was, "GREAT". He was a bit clingy in the morning but soon warmed up and was happy to explore and play with all the toys. Logan took a 2 hour nap (a rarity around here) and ate lots. It feels so good to get a good report and to feel like he's beginning to slowly adjust; although I'm nervous that she might hike our prices since Logan seems to eat WAY more than most of the other kids...who are mostly quite a bit older than him!

Since the weather was a bit milder tonight, we went out for a wagon ride. Logan wasn't too keen on wearing mittens but he loved being in the wagon.

My sister is rolling into town this weekend for a week long visit in the area before she moves to her new job at Chateau Lake Louise. We'll visit with her this weekend here at home before she heads onto her new destination!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Getting Ready for Back to Work

Since I return to work on Monday, this week Logan has been visiting his daycare everyday in an attempt to get used to it. Last Thursday I dropped him off in the morning and he spent a couple of hours playing before lunch. The report was that he did really well and didn't really fuss at all, just looked around for me quite a bit. On Tuesday (so yesterday), he started crying almost as soon as we walked into the house. He was crying a lot when I left and carried on crying and whining for about an hour. I guess he remembered from the week before what had happened. He didn't eat anything and was pretty miserable.

Today we dropped him off after music class (so in time for lunch) and picked him up later in the afternoon. He cried when we left again but didn't carry on crying for very long. He ate lunch, had a 1.5 hour nap (which is a very successful nap for us) and then was ok for the rest of the afternoon. He wanted to be held a lot by Sherry (our daycare provider) but she said that is expected, she seemed really happy and optimistic by how he did today. Tomorrow he'll be there for a good part of the day, so we'll see how it goes.

What have I been doing when he's been away? Having showers (without someone opening the shower curtain) and blow drying my hair...haha. Today Scott took the day off work so he came to music class with us and then him and I went out for lunch and shopping for work clothes for me. I was in pretty desperate need of some clothes and Logan isn't very good company for that type of shopping. And hey, leaving Logan at daycare and going back to work is not something I'm super excited about so a little retail therapy will hopefully help to ease the anxiety!

When not "practicing" at daycare, we've just been hanging out at home, enjoying our time together.
Here is Logan trying out his new birthday wagon. It's been pretty cold and gross outside so we just pull him around the house in it, he loves it.

When I'm making supper at night, I open the door so that Logan can see when Scott is coming home from work. Earlier this week he figured out that the door knocker makes noise.

Here's my serious little guy figuring out how the door on the wagon works. Seriously, the wagon has provided so much entertainment and we haven't even taken it outside yet.

Another one of Logan's new skills is climbing into his toy chest, he's pretty proud.

Since the weather has been so cold and yucky out, our fireplace has been running quite a bit. The cats love the fireplace and being really close to it. Here's a rare sight of Sigmund and Peanut sharing the back of the chair so that they can soak up more of the heat.

Birthday Party Fun

We had two birthday parties to celebrate Logan's 1st birthday; one with the Millers and one with the Dolsons. Logan had a great time at both parties and has been busy for the last couple of weeks playing with all his new toys. There isn't much to say about the parties that the pictures can't here you go!

The food table

Logan's birthday cake; made and decorated by Scott and I
(we made the same cake for both parties)

This is a picture of the collage I made of pictures taken of Logan in chronological age from 1 to 11 months to show how he has changed.

These pictures were a bunch of Logan's "firsts"

The next few pictures were taken when Logan was opening his gifts. He loved the idea of ripping the paper off the gifts, especially when he was allowed to use his mouth.

Looking at one of his cards

Clapping for his new Pound Puppy

Logan seemed to enjoy his cake a lot more than he did on his actual birthday. At both parties he really got into the cake and had it all over himself.

Two hands are always better than one!

The birthday boy

Thanks to everyone who was able to come to Logan's birthday. They were great days to share with family.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fun Friday

Today was a full day for us! I started the day by washing Logan's diapers and hanging them on the line outside to dry. Since it's been sunny the last couple days, I was hoping it would be the same today. Unfortunately after 8 hours outside they were still wet...maybe next week I'll catch a nice day for outside drying.

My wet diapers :(

Scott and Logan carved our pumpkin this afternoon. Last year Scott carved the pumpkin just after we got home from the hospital so Logan was much to small to help...this year though, he had a great time helping daddy!

Intently watching daddy
"Is it my turn yet?"
Once he got over the touch, Logan liked pulled the inside out of the pumpkin.
Logan's big smile
Mmmm, raw pumpkin
The pumpkin carvers!
The finished product
So the pumpkin was smaller last year but here's Logan a year ago.It's a BIG pumpkin
Logan's Aunt Pamela sent him this shirt for Halloween, the ghost lights up whenever he moves, it's quite distracting for him. Here he is checking out the shirt.

After dinner we went outside to do some yard work. We raked up the leaves and Scott put down some fertilizer and grass seed to help our lawn. Last summer our lawn died and never really came back so we've been working on bringing it back this year. Hopefully next spring it will be nice and thick again!

Playing with the leaves and an old planter
Crawling out of the big pile of leavesDaddy's helper

Fall Days

Well as my days as a stay-at-home mom (SAHM) near the end, so does the nice weather. This week has been cold, damp and all around gross. Logan and I managed to get outside a little bit but for a guy who isn't walking, crawling around on the cold ground isn't much fun. Plus, he really doesn't like being bundled inside time is at a maximum.

Last Saturday (when the weather was still nice) we took Logan to Victoria Park to play at the playground. It took him a while to start crawling around since he was so distracted by the other kids but once he did, he was excited to explore the play structure.

Crawling through the tunnel
"Can I eat these wood chips?"

When it was a bit nicer earlier in the week, I cut down some of our plants that have been taken by the frost, Logan was outside "helping" me. He pulled all the dead plants out of the container I put them in and crawled THROUGH the gardens.

Once we moved inside, he "helped" me make dinner.

He picked out the sauce that he wanted...

On Thursday, we began Logan's transition to daycare. I took him in the morning and dropped him off at Sherry's where he stayed without me for a couple of hours. When I returned to pick him up, I found that he did much better than I did during our separation. I knew he would do ok, it was nice to hear the reassurance. Sherry (his daycare provider) said that he looked for me a few times and was beginning to get upset just before I returned to pick him up.

Next week he'll be there for various hours on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It'll be quite a change for him (and me) but I he'll get used to it after some time...and so will I. I'll keep you posted on the transition but prayers that it will go smoothly would be appreciated.

Here he is all dressed up for his first trip to daycare...little did he know what he was in for.

This blog is mostly about Logan but we have noticed quite a change in our cats over the last year as well. It's been a big adjustment having Logan around and as he changes (and his ability to chase them improves) they continue to change as well. Sigmund has definitely become a bit more friendly and tends to come out when there are crowds (something she never used to do). She even seems to play a bit more. Here's a cute picture of her playing with Logan's balloon this week, she was trying to lie on it.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Logan!

It's hard to believe that Logan is 1 now. This year has flown by so fast! Our little baby is beginning to turn into a little boy.

Today we had a fun day. We just hung out at home most of the day and had a nice supper of pasta and meatballs, a cupcake and some fun opening presents.

Logan's birthday cards that he has received

I read somewhere that a cool tradition to start is to take a picture of your child when they wake up each year on their's Logan this morning!

Logan and I (thanks for the shirt Sarah and Mike!)

Logan opening his gift from Cindy
Eating his birthday dinner

Clapping with his birthday bib on
Staring at the candle on his birthday cupcake
So here he is after his cupcake...he ate hardly any of it. He was SO cautious and just pretty much pulled it apart. He did lick the icing off his hands though!

Playing with his new farm. He loves the sounds that it makes.

Opening one of his gifts in his party hat.

Some of Logan's favourite things:

- His blue bear. Logan received a blue Gund teddy bear from my friend Julie and her parents when he was born and he loves it. He sleeps with it every night and for all his naps. (I'm in the process of finding a back up...just incase!)

- Standing. Logan loves to stand. He still needs to hang onto to something but he would rather stand most of the time and cruise around holding onto furniture than play with his toys.

- Eating. He loves food...pretty much must be in his genes.

- Music. Logan loves listening to music, either on a CD or someone singing. He likes dancing and "grooving" to the music and generally perks up when there is music on.

- Putting things in his mouth. Everything...

- Books. Logan likes to look at books on his own or have someone read to him. In his room, he often crawls over to his bookshelf and pulls different books off to look at them.

- Chasing the cats - well I guess not really chasing them but he just LOVES them and always wants to pet them. They aren't so keen on this, so they run away so he chases them.

- Paper. Logan likes to rip and eat paper. We don't let him eat it but whenever he gets his hands on paper he rips it apart.

Some of Logan's "skills"

- Crawling
- Climbing up stairs
- Clapping
-Waving (sometimes)
- Talking...ok so mostly he babbles but he does say things resembling "all done" "kitty cat" "mama" "dada" "yeah"
- Standing

A few pictures from his first day of life,

Seconds after birth
Logan and his proud daddy
Logan's first tanning bed!

Family picture; 5 days old vs. 1 year old

In the bath; 1 day old vs. 1 year old

In the carseat; 5 days old vs. about 10.5 months old when we switched him to a bigger carseat

We're so proud of our little boy and can't wait to see what happens in the next year!