Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Bunch of Random Pictures

It's been a long time since I posted pictures so I'm just going to throw a bunch up here so you can see what has been going on. They all look fuzzy...there must be something up with the camera that I'll have to check out. Enjoy!

Logan longing to visit the splash pad at the park - we haven't been there at all this summer because there hasn't been a nice enough day yet! Hopefully soon!

Chasing a duck. Seriously he followed the duck for a long time. He must not share my fear of birds.

Getting ready for our picnic for Scott's birthday.

Happy boy.
Happy Birthday Scott!

Logan enjoying the birthday dessert.

Scott on his birthday with Logan.

Blowing bubbles with Grandma Miller.

Logan loves pulling around this little wagon at Scott's parent's house, it's just his size.

Scott and his dad putting the clothesline back up.

Logan playing with some old blocks at his Great-Grandma Dolson's house.

Concentrating hard on climbing at the Children's Museum.

Just taking it all in...

Hugging the giant tube of bubbles!

Watching a video about space shuttles at the museum.

Hopefully I'll be back with another update soon!

Really Long Time No Post

So I've neglected the blog, oops. This is likely due to several factors.

1. I've been getting increasingly tired everyday. Which means that by the time I work all day, get Logan from daycare, make dinner and spend some time with Logan, by the time he's in bed and I have some time, I'm almost in bed myself.

2. Logan's love for the camera. Taking a picture these days is tough, Logan lunges at the camera as soon as he sees it. And really, most of you read the blog to see pictures of him so without pictures it's a bit pointless.

3. We haven't been up to too much out of the ordinary, so there hasn't been much to say really.

4. We bought a new computer (YEAH!) and I haven't put any pictures on it yet so there haven't even been old pictures I could post.

However, things are changing so MAYBE I'll get back on board with posting.

I only have 5 more days of work (plus a few hours today that I have to go in for). Which means I'll get about a month at home with Logan before the new baby. Not that that means I'll have more time but I'll have different time, so maybe blogging time.

In the meantime, here are some of the exciting things that have gone on around here lately.

Logan seems to have mastered going up and down the stairs. He still needs the railing, a wall or someone's hand for support but he can do it. We have lots of stairs in our house and it's so nice to not have to lug him up and down all the time.

Logan has figured out that he can get out of his bed on his own. Maybe this is not such a great accomplishment. He still stays in bed for some time after he wakes up but then he gets out and knocks on his side of the door saying "open" until someone opens it. He has been able to open it on his own a couple of times but not regularly...yet, I'm sure that will come soon.

We seem to have mastered a tear-free daycare drop off. After 9 months of my being back at work and Logan going to daycare at least 4 days a week he seems to be ok on drop off. He has never been miserable all day but it's hard to leave him there crying. 9 months is a long adjustment period! I'm thinking he's just not cut out for daycare. He'll stay in daycare part time through August and then be home full-time with me starting in September. This will be quite a change for him and me but a very welcome one.

Logan LOVES his daddy. "Daddy" is the first word out of his mouth in the morning and we often call Scott after we have breakfast so he can talk to him. And recently, he actually has been talking and answering Scott's questions, it's cute.

The nursery seems to be back in shape to be lived in by a baby again, which is good. I pulled out the neutral newborn clothes that we have and just have to wash them to be ready. So I guess we're just about ready for baby to arrive. The goal is to be all ready before Logan and I go to camp...we'll see.

Logan and I and my mom are heading to Music Camp, the second week in August. Unfortunately, Scott has to stay home to work but we're hoping he can join us closer to the end of the week. It'll be a nice week away for us and give Logan a chance to play with lots of kids.

Ok, so maybe now you're kind of all caught up...I'm trying to figure out the picture thing on this computer...if I figure it out, I'll post with pictures today too!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

Unfortunately we weren't able to do much today since Logan appears to have developed Roseola over the last few days. He had a fever over the weekend and the rash appeared yesterday. He seems to be in decent spirits except for a sore ear that he keeps tugging on.

Scott had to go to work today so Logan and I just hung out at home. He took a couple long naps and we went on a walk through the neighbourhood and to the park (between rain downpours).

I managed to take a few pictures when we were out this morning.

What a cute little guy walking with his bear.

Hi Mommy!

The next few pictures will illustrate why it's hard to get good shots of Logan these days.

He's pretty far away, I think it's safe to pull out the camera to get some cute shots of him in the grass.

Oh no, he caught me.

I'm coming mommy!


And close enough! Now he's got the over, no more pictures.

He became obsessed with this grate on the way home...I guess he liked looking at all the garbage floating in the water below?

No fireworks or anything for us tonight as Logan is already long asleep. Scott has to work tomorrow and although I booked a holiday I do have to go in for a couple hours. We're both off on Friday though. We were supposed to go to the Zoo with some friends but we'll have to bail due to Logan's rash. Even if it seems to clear up I think we'll stay home, I wouldn't want to expose him to anyone else.

Happy Canada Day!