Monday, August 31, 2015

When Scott became a Busker

We attended the annual Busker Festival on the weekend. Logan has always LOVED the buskers and I think that Jacob and even Norah quite enjoyed it this year too.

One of the performers we saw, Jack Wise, selected Scott to be part of his show. He put a mask on him which made him act as a ventriloquist dummy. He spoke for him, sang Head and Shoulders, making him do the actions. It was funny. The kids thought it was hilarious. Norah turned to me and said "why is my daddy being so silly?" Scott was a really goo sport! I'm sorry that I wasn't in a better spot to take pictures and that I had left my phone in the car so I had no way to video!

Jack Wise was a wonderful busker and very entertaining. He did magic, told jokes and even swallowed a sword. Unlike other buskers who often have one main attraction and sometimes "waste" their time getting to that, he was entertaining the entire show.

He gave Scott 3 magic wands for the kids to thank him for being in the show.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Off to Niagara Falls

Another of our day trip destinations was to Niagara Falls. This was Logan's request as he said he had never been there before. I think we have taken him, but he DOES have a really good memory so maybe we haven't. It was beautiful day!

Catching a glimpse.
We decided to take the Maid of the Mist tour for a closer look. It was expensive (even though Norah is still free!) but well worth the price.
All set in their ponchos.
Very excited.
Not quite sure what he's in for.
As we left the dock.
It was REALLY wet as you got close to the falls so I didn't take any pictures.
Coming back. Logan said it was the best day of his life!
A shot with the falls in the back.
Busting a move to the music of a street performer.
Playing in a fountain. :)
We didn't get super close because it was hot and they were tired.
But here's the proof that we they were there!
Some men working right at the top. What a cool job site!
So beautiful!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Good Bye Tree

Our new yard needs a lot of love. It's big and has so much potential but it hasn't been well cared for. The gardens are overgrown, the grass is weedy and the trees need trimming.

One tree, an evergreen, was pretty much dead. It was blocking light to the house and soaking up all the resources in the front yard causing everything else to suffer. So we decided it had to go.

Scott has a landscaper friend who he asked if he could come take a look and see if he could get it down for us. One morning he called, asked if we were home, showed up with his chainsaw, his truck and three guys and they took the tree down. I'm sure there's a method, but it seemed super easy. And now we have no tree!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Phone Dump!

Here are most of the pictures off my phone from the last couple of weeks...

Bigger house, more rooms, and they all hang out on one bed.
Out for dinner, celebrating the close of our old house!
The wonderful, Andrew Dolson, live.
The new trampoline getting some action during Logan's playdate.
She naps in the car so rarely.
Watching the tree fall.
Selfies at Ikea, while waiting for Daddy to pay.

After experiencing the mist of Niagara Falls.
Her poncho was kinda big so the water got in.
Putting together some new shelves.
Road trip to Great Grandmas!
Swimming at Great Grandmas.
Woot! Another car nap.
Gamers playing MarioKart.
It's so much easier to eat outside at the new house, the yard is right off the kitchen.
New glasses for Norah.
Helping mommy bake.
Having a muffin snack while the boys were on a playdate.
She ate the whole thing.
Recently I bought a new fancy water bowl for the cats. This is not it.
Chilly morning eating pig cookies at the market.
Trying out a new restaurant near the market - The Crazy Canuck.
Everyone loved it!.
Norah's favourite part of the market is checking out the barn for any horses. Today she took pictures of them.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Trip to the Big City

Last week when Scott was on holidays we went to Toronto for the day. The forecast was a bit questionable but we gave it a go anyways. We had a gift card for a harbour tour from Mariposa Cruises (thanks Mom and Dad) and wanted to use it before the end of the season. So we headed in and hoped for the best.

3 kids waiting while daddy parked the van.
Oops. We parked kinda far away.
Our boat, the Oriole.
It was pretty hazy that day.
I'd like to do this tour someday!
Trying to capture the CN Tower...but with Norah posing.
On the boat!
Norah too.
City skyline.
Looking back
Oh Norah.
 The tour was pretty neat. We learned lots about the Toronto Islands and saw parts of the island we hadn't seen before. The kids really like the boat ride too!

It was REALLY dark when the tour was over so we went back to the van to eat lunch and to figure out what to do. We had bought ferry tickets online the night before and didn't want to waste them but it seemed really stormy. After eating we decided to just do it. It poured rain as we rode the ferry over to the island and when we got off, there were so many waiting to get on to escape the weather. We stood under a shelter and eventually, the rain stopped and the skies cleared! Off to Centreville we went...

Picking out what to ride on the carousel.
So big.
Creepy pig...I've never seen a pig on a carousel before.

Jacob being bossy.
Finally in control himself.
She's a ride junkie. 
Logan tried out the roller coaster!
Hi again!
Jacob and I waiting for the others.
Riding the swans.
Ring pops on the ferry ride home.
It was a fabulous day! So glad we risked the weather.