Sunday, June 29, 2014

Jacob Plays Tball

This year, Jacob expressed interest in playing tball. The program that the city runs for his age is a Fundamentals program that requires parent participation. I don't really like paying for programs in which we have to play WITH the kids (because really, we can play catch in the backyard for free!) but he really wanted to try it out.

The idea of the program was to introduce the kids to the basics of tball; throwing, catching, hitting, base running; so that next year when they can actually PLAY tball, they will have developed (hopefully) some of the skills.

Each week the session was coached/taught by baseball teams from our area. The last week was coached by the Kitchener Panthers who seemed to be having as much fun as the kids were.

Scott and Jacob headed out on Saturday mornings together to the program and Jacob absolutely loved it! He did really well too. It was a short program, so it's done already but I think he'll be excited to try actual tball next year!

In his uniform, ready to go!
First up, throwing and catching!

All the kids lined up together.
Heading to the hitting station with daddy.
Scott telling him where to stand.
Future tballer?
The next station was catching/fielding grounders and base sliding!

They used their hats to catch first and then moved to their gloves.
He was cute, but Jacob never really caught on to sliding. He would run to the base, sit down on it and put his hands in the air.

Playing a mini game, that's him in the middle.
With one of the Panthers.
At the end of the session, all the kids got a trophy for their participation in the program.

High fiving all the Panthers.
An attempt at a group photo.
The happy ball player!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

No More School!

Thursday saw the last day of school for the boys for this year. It's crazy how quickly time flies! Jacob was pretty miserable so his pics aren't great, but here they are!

A comparison between September and June.
A close up of his sign. (I told you he was miserable).
Logan too! He has fewer teeth now...
He was happier to do the pictures.
Poor Jacob.
They both had a great year. On to grade 2 and senior kindergarten in the fall!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Phone Photos

Sorry I haven't posted much this week! I have lots to catch up on; hopefully next week!

Jacob won the raffle draw at the school BBQ last week.
His prize? A giant bag of candy!
An afterschool playdate snack.
Mmmm! The fresh berries are at the market!
We spent a gorgeous afternoon at the soccer field last Saturday.
That's Logan, in the blue hat.
A huge thistle Scott pulled out of the garden. He even wore gloves to do it!
A good hair day in a cute dress.
With Mommy.
Eating a snack at at the church meeting.
Norah and I went to an assembly at the school.
This is Logan's class singing. He's in the font row, sitting, wearing a red shirt.
A lunch out with Daddy.
A HUGE cookie at the market.
Riding on the end of the cart.
Washing up at Swiss Chalet.
Selfies with Mommy.
It was had to get a good one, LOL.
Another good pigtail day.
The three amigos.
Just Jacob.
Enjoying some KD and strawberries for lunch.
Some cute snacks I made for the bus stop pool party.
School's Out! Gifts for the boys on the last day of school.
Looking at the new stuff.