Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Phone Photos!

Sorry for the hiatus!

She is always a helper!
Showing off our garden harvest.
Scott's completed tattoo.
Checking out some new to us toys, handed down from a friend!
Wading into the cold water at Synder's Flats.
Excited to take the bus.
Playing with Paige!
Giant slip and slide at Ross and Sandys.
They LOVED it!
Riding home from Grandma and Grandpas.
A much more solemn rider.
Waiting in the van for a downpour to stop at the market.
The rain cleared everyone out!
We braved the rain and got our market goods.
Vacuuming...still one of his favourite things!
Too cool
Trying out a payphone!
Twice this week he fell asleep on his floor during quiet time.
Milking a "cow" at the Uptown Market.
She loved it!