Monday, August 9, 2010


Jacob has been pretty slow at getting mobile. For the most part I'm ok with that. The other day he reminded me how quickly things can change. He used to sit happily on the kitchen floor and play. Now he can open the pantry, stand up and pull every thing out...

Reaching for the cat food...

Good thing he isn't taller, the upper shelves are very full.

The open bag of flour that I rescued from the bottom shelf; just in time.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Sign of Things to Come

There's construction starting on a road by our house next week. They are reducing it from 4 lanes of traffic to two lanes with a turning lane. They are also putting in bike lanes and crosswalks. The improvements will be awesome once it is finally finished.

I think Logan is excited...

It will likely become a daily activity to travel up to the street to check out what is happening and what sort of vehicles we might get to see!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Family Fun at the Park

The weather is getting cooler in the evenings again so it's easier to get to the park without melting!

Running with excitement to the park.

Jacob's first time on the play structure...usually he just sits and watches.

Logan attempts the monkey bars...

"Ummm, dad? I think I need your help here."

Getting a lift up.

Just a little help from daddy...


Good thing daddy stayed close by.

Trying to bite the bars.

Watching Logan.

And there he goes.

Sliding together.

No idea what this face was about but it's SO cute.

A new game that Scott started with Logan...

Jacob makes the best faces in the swing...

His "surprised" look.

Sucking in his bottom lip.

I love how you can see his hair blowing in the wind!

And the absolute park fav...

Swinging together :) It also makes it super easy to watch them both too!