Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Jamaica 2013: Kenton and Sarah's Wedding

The reason why we went to this particular resort, during this particular week was to see Kenton and Sarah be married. Kenton is the son of my dad's cousin.

Hanging out with Aunt Pamela waiting for the ceremony to start.
Dad trying to find some shade.
The groom and his men. 
Jacob has a thing about his hat blowing off his head...
Although to be fair, it was REALLY windy!
So grown up.
So cute.
Scott with sleeping Norah.
Dad taking pictures.

Scott and Jamie
Mother and father of the groom.
Here come the bridesmaids.
Kayla, sister of the groom.
Sarah with her brother.
A beautiful spot for a wedding.

With this ring..
Norah's awake!
Photoshoot during the ceremony...

She just wants the camera.
Mr & Mrs!
 Just hanging out after the ceremony...

We headed inside to the reception. The boys stayed with us for a bit but we had arranged for one of the resort staff to take them to dinner and then up to the room to put them to bed. It worked so well. Scott and I were able to stay up a bit later and didn't have to worry about them being bored at the reception!

Being silly with Aunt Pamela.
Trying to make a heart with her hands...
Pamela trying the steel drums.
The tables all set.
Silly boys.
Pretty girl.
They LOVE their Aunt!
Dad, saying grace.
First dance.
Cutting the cake.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Jamaica 2013: Dunn's River Falls

One morning, we took a cab ride to visit Dunn's River Falls. We knew we wouldn't be able to actually climb up the falls with the kids but we still wanted to check it out! We had a great cab driver who led us all the way into the park and to the bottom of the falls. He then returned for us a couple of hours later! It was a fabulous service! 
The kids and I at the bottom of the falls.

The warnings and rules!
Playing at the bottom of the falls.
Getting closer!
Scott was there too!
The water rushing down the falls was fresh water; and you can see the salty sea water in the background!
So beautiful!

I wanted him to stand with the water falling on him, but this was as close as he got.
Logan made a friend to play with.
Starting our climb!
You can see here, a person climbing up the falls. This was a very steep portion.

Scott and Jacob watching the water.
Looking back at the ocean.
Letting the boys step into the water part way up the climb.
There were A LOT of stairs!
People making their way up.
We stopped for a drink and to let Norah out of the hot carrier!
Refreshing frozen fruit punch.
Checking out his drink.
Beer for the grown ups!
Happy girl!
The view just behind where we stopped.
Family shot!

I took quite a few pictures on the way up of the water and trees... 

A tree...with lots of roots!

Even though she's still little...it was hard work carrying her up those stairs!

We made it!