Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pictures from Mom's Camera

Here are some more random pictures that were on Mom's camera that I thought were post-worthy! I think they're mostly taken over the last few weeks.

Jacob has been working really hard recently at making this car move. It's just foot powered but he seems to have finally mastered the skill.

Pushing the bike THROUGH the puddles.


Sitting on the snow that eventually did melt and then returned again. :(

Learning about shadows.

Jacob reading the "Tickle Monster" book. Note: You MUST wear the tickle mittens when reading this book.

Logan getting tickled!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We're not the only ones...

Who are happy about spring. The cats have been loving the extra sunshine and warmth coming through the windows. Now that the birds and chipmunks are out, they sit by the patio door most of the day just hoping to catch a glimpse!

I guess it was comfortable to have her head right IN the shoe.

All three of them...just not too close together.

Cheeto must see something outside.

Monday, March 28, 2011


Now that spring is here (kinda), it's been a bit easier to play with some of our friends. Easier to play outside with friends who live close by and easier to meet up with friends who are further away since the roads are a bit more predictable to drive on.

Since Jacob was still quite young and not mobile in the fall, this is like his first exposure to the outdoors. He spends so much time just standing still and looking all around.

The spring toys are out!

Looking for someone to play soccer with.

Logan and Nolan on a scavenger hunt.

In negotiations over who will use which one. As the youngest in their respective families, these two share pretty well with each other.

4 boys with similar names and similar ages made for a loud playdate!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

More Tunnel Pictures

As promised, here are the rest of the pictures (all from mom's camera) from the day we got the tunnel from Aunt Pamela.

Reading the card.


On his way out.

The tunnel has the ability to bend and turn rather than to just be straight all the time.

Where did Logan go?

Jacob wants a turn.


Logan disappears again.

Thanks again Aunt Pamela, it's a hit!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

College Royal (March 19)

Last weekend we met up with Scott and Jamie at University of Guelph for it's annual open house. When we were kids, we used to attend College Royal with mom and dad who were on the organizing committee one year when they attended Guelph.

We arrived in the morning so we were able to avoid most of the crowds, which was nice! Unfortunately it was pretty chilly out so we walked quite quickly between buildings but I think the kids had a blast!

We probably could have just dropped Logan off. He spent his whole time with Uncle Scott and Jamie!

Jacob checks out the baby chicks.

A sheep. :)

Meeting the donkeys.

You had to spin the wheel and then answer a question. They asked Logan "What does a pig say?" He answered with this attempt to snort that didn't really work and resulting in everyone laughing. I think they were expecting him to just say "oink"!

Playing with soyabeans.

Really, Jacob just wanted to eat them!

Jamie helping Logan with a craft.

Checking out a scallop.

Logan's not too sure about posing with "Sharky"

Deep sea diver, Logan.

And Jacob.

We had to sign a waiver before the kids could ride on these...

I love his smile in this picture.

After lunch we drove from Guelph to Norwich and the kids fell asleep SO fast in the van. It was a fun but exhausting morning.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Logan's Last Gymnastics Class

Yesterday was Logan's last gymnastics class. Since January, he's been going weekly to Shining Star Athletics and learning lots of fun gymnastics moves. It was a great class with just 5 kids around Logan's age. Jacob and I dropped him off every week and he did the class on his own, he loved it.

My mom joined Jacob and I yesterday for his last class to watch what he had learned, it was great!

Sitting on the mat waiting for class to start. I think Jacob thought he could just sneak in ad join the class.

His coach, Kate, is asking him what animal he would like everyone to be to run across the room.

He chose for everyone to be a TIGER! (Better than the camel he picked the week before...still not sure how one would move like a camel!)

One of the other kids decided they should be giraffes!

Getting a bean bag to practice balancing.

Jacob watches closely.

Working the hoop! (Picture taken by my Mom)

With the bean bag on his head.

Getting ready to stretch.

Smelling their stinky feet!

Upside down!

Logan demonstrates the "donkey kick". (Picture taken by Mom)

Preparing to jump off the red block. This was quite an accomplishment for Logan!

Walking up the wall to do a handstand!

Swinging on the bar.

Getting ready to "spin the cat" with help from Kate.

Right upside down.

Finishing the flip.

Waiting on the rainbow mat for his next turn.

Jacob continues to watch patiently.

Backwards roll. (Picture taken by Mom)

Crawling on the balance beam. (Picture by Mom)

Doing star jumps on the trampoline.

At the end of class, Kate had them all get up on the block and do a "ta da" and then she gave them a treat and a list of what they had learned.


He did his "tada" so fast, it was hard to get a picture! (Picture taken by Mom)

Great Job!

Logan loved every class he took. Hopefully we'll be able to sign him (and Jacob) up again sometime.