Thursday, July 14, 2011

Time in Norwich

Scott was working in Belleville again at the end of last week and the boys and I headed to my mom and dad's to enjoy the air conditioning, pool and Nostalgia Days. The weather was awesome and we spent lots of time in the pool, which was great.

Jacob tries out a bouncer for the first time.

Logan, the veteran bouncer.

Whee! This is fun!

Logan was waiting for Jacob to wake up before we went in the pool. So he was practicing his basketball skills. I guess he got tired of standing so he pulled his little chair right up to the hoop and took his shots from sitting down.

This year, the boys participated in the Annual Fishing Derby. A first time out fishing for them (and Scott). We didn't catch anything but since we prepped Logan ahead of time that he might not get a fish, he wasn't too disappointed. Besides he did get a hotdog and a freezie!

The three fishermen, waiting for a bite.

Logan tries out fishing.

Jacob too.

He didn't really get the part that you have to just stand and wait around but it made for a cute picture.

Scott fishes too.

Moving away from fishing and onto giant freezies!


Mom and dad had plans that afternoon and evening but we stayed at their place until after supper to continue to enjoy the pool and air conditioning before heading home.

Relaxing poolside while the kiddos napped.

Scott couldn't seem to relax so decided to fish stuff out of the pool...

That's not right...

Happy guy!

Jacob didn't "swim" much. But he loved jumping in and climbing out...over and over and over again!

Get ready...

Mid jump...

Into Daddy's arms.

With the help of his Puddle Jumper, Logan was a super swimmer.

All the boys playing together.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Scott Turns 30

So, looking back on it, I did a pretty bad job of taking pictures of Scott's birthday...oops. He did turn 30 on the 4th though. Since it was a Monday, we didn't do much. We had supper together and ate a yummy cake that I baked.

Scott thanking Logan for the card that he made him.

Obligatory birthday shot.
Logan helps to blow out the candles!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Budding Photographer?

I let Logan have some fun with our old camera last week. He always wants to take pictures so I let him run around and take some shots. Some of them turned out pretty good!

He showed me the picture that he took after every shot.

Taking a picture of the tree...

Logan's perspective.

"See Mommy?"

The rain barrel...

From Logan's view.

My water bottle...

Maybe he has an artistic side?

He told me he was taking a picture of his feet so he could remember what they look like.

He took a bunch of pictures of the neighbour in his cab.

Trying to capture some pink flowers in the garden.

Well, he got one of the flowers!

Taking a picture of me taking a picture of him.

This one turned out pretty good!

The neighbour's tree...

Lots of blue sky in this one.

He wanted to do one of the two of us, so I helped him.

Photographer or not, you must admit he's pretty cute!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Yard Sale Purchase - A $2 Skateboard!

One of the houses down the street from us held a yard sale last weekend and since Scott was working, the boys and I headed over. Logan fell in love with a kids sized skateboard, so I got it for him.

He could hardly wait until after nap time to try it out. He kept saying "I want to show you my moves, Mommy!" I have no idea where he learned about skateboarding (aside from seeing bigger kids skate by our house) or where he learned the term, "moves", haha.

He woke up before Jacob that day so it gave us a good chance to go out front together so he could try it out.

To be totally honest, I was shocked that he knew what to do!

Flipping it up on one end.

One of his "moves".

"Are you watching?"

Concentrating very hard.

Action shot.

Trying to take some neat shots.

I love how you can see the sun beam in this picture.

A happy skateboarder.