Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Regular Weekdays

I seem to have been taking a lot of pictures lately even though not much is going on....I guess my kids are just cute. :)

Logan trying on Scott's safety glasses after work one night.

Jacob really seems to enjoy the exersaucer these days. It's in the kitchen most of the time and so he hangs out in it while I get meals ready and we eat.

Logan wanted so desperately for me to take a picture of him and Jacob together the other morning but this was the best I got since Jacob wasn't interested in a picture at all.

Although Logan was happy to play in the snow as it fell the other day when I tried to take him out the next day to clean up the driveway, he wasn't nearly as happy.

He stood here wanting me to get his trike out.

Then he wanted to ride in his car...

So I got it out (against my better judgment) and he tried to dry it off with the towel as we did a couple days earlier (when there was no snow).

A cute picture but he was REALLY upset because it was so hard to make his car move.

He abandoned the car and elected to help me with shoveling...I think he's ready for spring, don't you?

Winter Wonderland?

So after the gorgeous day we had on Sunday, old man winter returned yesterday and dropped a lot of snow on us. It started snowing in the morning and snowed pretty much all day.

Scott called and said he'd be leaving work early since it might take a while to get home so Logan and I headed outside when Jacob was napping to get a head start on shoveling (while the snow was still falling).

He loves playing outside, but it's hard to move in all those clothes!

Thankfully Scott got home and could finish up what I started.

Logan found that it was a lot easier to just roll around.

He was yelling, "Mommy, snow falling!"

Trying to get up.

It did stop snowing later in the evening. Scott went out and shoveled again before bed and then had to deal with the snow at the end of the driveway before he left for work this morning.

And we were hoping winter was over....

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Beautiful Day for a Walk

Finally it was a nice day! There was very little wind yesterday morning, the temperature was above zero and the sun was shining. Jacob took an usually long nap this morning so by the time he got up, the rest of us were chomping at the bit to get outside.

Logan munching on an icicle while waiting to head out.

Walking down the sidewalk with Daddy. Look at how little snow there was!

Running towards the playground.

It's been quite a while since we've been out for a walk where it's been warm enough to get out and play at the playground. The last time we did this, Jacob was still so young and didn't even make it out of the stroller. Today I brought him out so he could see and watch Logan playing.

Seeing what it's like outside the stroller.

In the swing for the first time. I think he liked it but it was so sunny out that he didn't really look like he was having much fun.

"Um mom, this is fun but it's pretty bright out here!"

Brothers swinging together.

Big brother Logan in the swing. (This might have been one of Logan's last times in the baby swing. He got pretty stuck on the way out. Luckily Scott and I were both there to get him out!)

In comparison, here's Logan, his first time in the swing. This picture was taken on February 2, 2008. Logan would have been just about 4 months old. I always though that Logan had a big head, but Jacob grew out of the green hat that Logan is wearing in this picture a long time ago...maybe Jacob has a big head too?

Scott and I don't make it onto the blog very often. I'm usually behind the camera and Scott isn't home during the day. Today I tired to take some more pictures of us...Scott was happy to pose.

Walking over the bridge to go down the slide with Logan.

This picture is a bit far away but he was holding himself up on the bars. After I took the picture he said "I should be in gymnastics". Haha.

I guess he likes having his picture taken. :) What a beautiful blue sky behind him.

As Logan ran around and played I realized how badly I can't wait for the spring! It will be so nice to be able to get outside every day to burn off energy!

His favourite slide!

Coming down to the bottom!

Jacob and I.

Jacob lying down in the sunshine.

Yesterday's hopeful sign of spring...the snow slowly melting away. Too bad it's been snowing almost all day today...I'm sure there are no bare patches anymore.

Scott pushing the stroller.

He looks pretty comfortable, eh?

Last night my mom came to stay with the boys so Scott and I could go out for dinner. We left after I put Jacobd own for the night and spent a couple of hours out together. It was nice to have a quiet and hot meal. Thanks Bubba!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Fun

Today was Friday, finally. Even though Scott had Monday off, it seemed like a long week! Logan, Jacob and I hung out at the house this morning. Jacob slept in a bit and took a couple great naps which was a nice surprise. They even napped at the same time for a bit after lunch!

Logan sporting his new Olympic (orange; he loves orange these days) pajamas (I picked these up at Zellers yesterday for $7 on sale from $20, what a deal!). He looks so awkward in this picture. It's SO hard to get him to stand still to get a good shot.

Cuddling with Mommy.

Logan has been in desperate need of a haircut for quite a while now so I called this morning and made an appointment for him at the place near our house that specializes in cutting children's hair. It's pretty pricey but since Logan hasn't been a fan of getting his hair cut up to this point, it's been worth it.

Logan's old hairstyle; it was so long over his ears.

I could even get it up in a ponytail this morning.

"Hey, what's on my head?"

He did awesome today! He sat in the airplane seat and spent most of the time playing with the steering wheel and spinning the propeller. There are TVs in front of each chair so the kids get to pick a movie; Logan picked the Doodlebops to watch today. He let us put the cape on him which he has never wanted before and didn't cry or whine at all. He was a trooper and his hair looks so much better now...he looks so old though!
Cool dude!

She even put some gel in the front for him.

From the side.

Definitely the best hair cut to date. He got a balloon and a sucker at the end of the visit. We headed back home and picked up Scott and Jacob and the four of us headed to the bowling alley for some bowling fun. I forgot to take my camera though so no pics.

We had tacos for dinner and then tried to play with the boys before bed. They were both really cranky though, so we took them upstairs early for bed. Now all is quiet.

A picture of Jacob with his favourite blanket.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Now that Jacob is getting older, the boys are really interacting with each other. Logan likes to go into Jacob's room when he wakes up from a nap to say hi before I go in. Tonight when Logan was going to bed, I said "I love you Logan" and he replied "I wuv you mommy" and then "I love you Jacob", when Jacob was already in bed, so cute.

Logan showing Jacob how to work the cash register.


Going in for the kiss!

When Jacob is crying, Logan will often alert me (as if I couldn't hear him) and sometimes will go over to Jacob and say "what's wrong Jacob?"

Logan trying to get closer to Jacob on the playmat.

Having a face off.

Today Logan grabbed this magazine about tools and he said "Mommy I show Jacob tools" and then went over and shared the magazine with him.

It's not all cuteness around here though. Logan takes to hitting Jacob in the head when he wants attention, spinning the Jolly Jumper around (when Jacob is in it) and taking his toys away. We're working on it but they are brothers so I'm sure they will always be challenging each other!

I took this today when we were out for a walk in the cold. Logan will lean forward in the stroller and say "Hi Jacob".

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sweet New Ride

So after much deliberation, we've gotten a new double stroller! We've looked at and researched SO many strollers over the last few months. What I've realized is that there is no PERFECT stroller out there, so we opted for the one that had the fewest cons for us.

Our new Baby Jogger City Mini Double

- It fits through standard size doors
- Both seats recline fully, independently of each other
- It has a one step fold and folds down so small - smaller than our single stroller!
-The canopies are HUGE and operate separately from each other.
- It is so easy to push and can be turned with just one hand.
- We all love it!

- The basket is not very big or easily accessible.
- The seats aren't super wide.

So Jacob doesn't look too happy but I swear, they love it.

Looking a bit happier. The straps are totally adjustable and fit the smallest babies to the biggest kids.

The canopies are awesome. Here's a progression of the different levels they can be at.

We went out for our first walk with it today and Jacob fell asleep pretty quickly and stayed asleep until we got home. He must have been comfy.

And a couple pics of the boys just because they're cute.

Grabbing for the camera...

This kid loves the Jolly Jumper.