Monday, June 27, 2016

Norah's Dance Class!

Norah took a dance class at the rec centre this spring. On the last day, we got to watch the class and see everything they learned.
All the girls in dresses.
Warm up.
I think they were doing arm circles.
Waiting for her turn.
While she enjoyed it, the class was more about movement (skipping, jumping, galloping, etc) than dancing. I have a feeling she'll try an actual dance class in the fall.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Father's Day

I don't have any actual pictures of Father's Day (oops) but I do have these ones that I took of the kids for part of Scott's gift to spell "DAD".

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Norah's 4th Birthday

It's hard to believe that she is 4 now! We had plans the day of Norah's birthday so we celebrated a day early. It was a Saturday and a gorgeous day so there were lots of options.

First up, at Norah's request, a trip to the splash pad!

Snack break!
Jacob too!
A quick swing at the park too.

Then we headed to downtown Kitchener to have lunch at the food truck festival.
A huge hotdog for Jacob.
And ice cream for the birthday girl.
The rest of us were there...our meals obviously weren't picture worthy. :)

Then back home to open some gifts.

The Paw Patrol play set was a hit for all!
Showing off her babies new clothes.
Then Grandma and Grandpa came over.
In her new princess outfit.
Cake for the princess.
And off for one last swing at the park.

Grandpa took his turn pushing.
The next day, her actual birthday, we headed to Barrie to visit friends and Norah wore her new dress from Aunt Pamela. Everyone LOVED her dress!

Happy birthday big girl! Stop growing up so fast!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Norah's Last Day of Preschool

It's hard to believe that Norah's year at the Early Childhood Education Centre has to come to an end, it's gone by so fast. Today I handed in my parking card and collected her indoor shoes and extra clothes and we said our good byes.

I could hardly get her to stand to take a picture at the beginning of the year!
 There was a little "ceremony" with her small group and her beloved Teacher Joyce to mark the last day of school. All children got their portfolio of work and those moving on got a book and a certificate. Teacher Joyce wrote a nice message of her view of each child and read it out loud to the group.

Norah listening to the kind words about her.
 Here are the words that Joyce came up with for Norah.

"Enthusiasm must be Norah's middle name! It isn't uncommon to see Norah hopping with excitement or jumping up and down with joy. Over the course of each day, Norah's expressive face would repeatedly move from a wide, toothy grin to a serious furrowed brow as she shared her many thoughts, theories and ideas with others. Norah with her positive attitude, was always ready for any experience and loved to the lead the rest of us off and away. She loves to chat and she has shared many stories of her life's experience with us. Norah is cuddly and affectionate...and her hugs are huge. She has a love of life and vibrant spark that brought joy to every day."

A big hug for Teacher Joyce.
These two really have a special bond.
All made final with a handshake!
We then had the opportunity to explore the different rooms holding different activities.

Getting ready to jump!
With her friend Hunter.
In another room we played "Don't Wake Daddy!"
Some finger painting.
And some fun in a photo booth!

What a blessing it has been for our family for Norah to have this opportunity at preschool. The people we have met have made such an impact on her life and memories have been made for a lifetime (for me anyways!) Off to JK in September!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Les Tros Petit Conchons

Jacob's class put on the "The Three Little Pigs" in French a couple weeks ago in the library at his school. It was really cute. Norah, my mom and I all went to watch and we pulled Logan out of class to see him perform too!

Norah awaits the show.
Sitting with her big brother.
Jacob sitting with his class.
He was the first little pig.
He played music on a guitar.
Until the wolf blew down his house...
So he ran to the second little pig's house!
After the play, the whole class sang a song together, with actions, recapping the French!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Birthday at Preschool

Norah's preschool doesn't really celebrate holidays. It is very multicultural and if they tried to celebrate everything, it would be too hard. Instead, they focus on each child and make a big deal about birthdays. With Norah's birthday approaching, her Teacher Joyce approached us and asked Norah what she would like for her celebration. She requested that her whole family come and listed a few games and a craft about her beloved "Pink Baby". Teacher Joyce set to work and Norah and I invited Scott and the boys, who had to miss work and school for the occasion!

In her birthday outfit.
She wanted to do a pose.
With her boys.
 We dropped her off at the normal time and took the boys out for hot chocolate before heading back to the preschool after their outside time.

Her birthday sticker with her new age....4!
Raising her hand to get another turn in "Duck, Duck, Goose"; one of her chosen games.
Running relay races out in the big hall.
Teacher Joyce went above and beyond to find a picture of "Pink Baby" that everyone could paint!
Logan and Jacob got in on the action too.
Adding the finishing touches to her "Pink Baby".
Next, there was a hunt in the dark (with flashlights!) to find the letters to "Happy Birthday".
No birthday is complete without a crown.
Jacob too!
And a cape!
Everyone got to light a candle and then we sang Happy Birthday!
Picking a toy from the gift was a difficult choice!
With her Teacher Joyce and beloved Pink Baby.
 It was such a fun morning. We have been so blessed to have Norah enrolled in this preschool. Her teacher always goes above and beyond to make every experience wonderful. She truly cares for Norah (and the other children in their group) and we will really miss her next year. What a wonderful treat at the end of a great year to have her plan such a special morning for Norah.