Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cheeto and the Jolly Jumper

When Logan was small and still using the Jolly Jumper, Cheeto LOVED it. Each time that I would put him in it, Cheeto would come running from wherever he was. He would flop down on the floor by Logan's feet so that Logan was practically jumping on him. He would walk around Logan, rubbing against him and Logan would pull his tail.

Well his love for the Jolly Jumper has been rejuvenated now that it's out again. It's so funny to watch him do all the same things with Jacob as he did with Logan. I thought he might not since he always just runs away from the kids now, but the Jolly Jumper always makes him return for more!

Working on the 'Puter

Logan loves the computer. He is always asking to look at pictures of Grandma or of himself and Jacob. Sometimes I'll pull up YouTube videos for him to watch as well.

On the weekend, I was upstairs and Scott was cleaning up the kitchen while Logan was playing in the family room. When Scott went downstairs, this is what he found.

Logan told him that he was "working on the 'puter". He was watching some random National Geographic video...who knows how he found it.

Here are the three of them watching a slide show of all of our pictures.

So cute!

A Trip to the Science Centre

I've been wanting to get to the Ontario Science Centre for quite some time now to see the BodyWorlds exhibit that it was hosting. The exhibit was ending soon so we loaded the boys up a couple Saturdays and headed there!

Logan listening to Feist on his phone on the way up. (He insists on wearing his hat in the car, he never takes it off even when we tell him he can).

I had booked tickets the night before and scheduled us to see BodyWorlds at 10am, so when we got there we headed straight for the exhibit. Unfortunately, you weren't allowed to take any pictures. It was really cool to see, although I know that Logan didn't appreciate it! I'm glad that we took the trip to see it!

Scott and Logan checking out a big tree trunk on the way to BodyWorlds.

Next, we headed to KidsPark hoping that Logan would have a good time. There were so many things for him to do, it was great!

Watching some balls roll through a big maze.

A future musician?

Grocery shopping.

Working with foam bricks.

Jacob noticing himself in the mirror.

Jacob in his shirt from Aunt Pamela.

I wasn't with Logan and Scott at this point (I was with napping Jacob) and when I saw this picture I thought it was cool that he was playing a piano. Really, it's a fart machine. I'm sure that both Logan and Scott got TONNES of laughs over it.

After spending lots of time in the kid are we took a break for lunch and then after lunch we wandered through some of the other (non kid focused) stuff.

Logan standing in a tornado.

Sending a ball up in the air.

Trying to catch the ball.

Talking on the phone.

I have no idea what Jacob is looking at in this picture but I think it's really cute!

It was a great day, but long. The boys both slept in the car on the way home and then vegged out for the rest of the day.

Logan relaxes by watching TV.

Jacob cuddling with Daddy and chewing on his hands relaxing.

In his favourite yellow chair.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back to Normal

Well it's been a while since I posted again, oops. We've fallen back into a nice routine around here now that Scott's back to work. Lots has been going on so I'll update in point form and put the pictures throughout.

- We missed Christmas at my grandma's house so we went to visit her last weekend. It was a great drive up there, sunny all the way and we had a nice visit. Logan calls his grandma's "Bubba" (we have no idea why) so he calls my grandma, Great-Bubba GG. It's pretty cute. She kept a bunch of toys that we used to play with at her house as kids so Logan plays with them now.

In the car on the way. Logan likes to wear his hat in the car, I always offer for him to take it off but he likes to keep it on.

His first taste of tomato juice...

It looks like he didn't like it but he drank almost the whole glass so it was a success!

- The cats have begun to sleep on the pillow that we bought for them to cozy up on in front of the fireplace. I've only seen Peanut using it so far, but that's progress. Plus she only uses it when Logan is sleeping...he's a bit loud for her taste. But hey, it's working.

Peanut on the pillow. You can see Cheeto's fur on the left hand side of the picture...on Jacob's playmat...he still hasn't gotten the hint.

- We've resumed our frequent visits to the mall. Since we don't have access to the car during the day and with it being so cold out we often bundle up and go to the mall so Logan can run. We don't normally go in any stores, we just wander around.

Logan enjoying a drink and taking a break from running.

Jacob concentrating hard to get at his toy. I don't often put him in the carseat in the stroller anymore, just straight in the seat. He loves looking around and Logan likes to be able to turn around and see him. Jacob stays awake for a bit and eventually falls alseep.

No trip to the mall would be complete without a visit to the rides!

He only gets to actually have them move when Grandma comes but he's happy just to sit in them too!

- Jacob's really growing up fast! At the doctor last week he weighed in at 11 lbs and 3 oz, up more than a pound from the month before. He's still on the low end but he's gaining and is healthy. Recently he's started rolling over pretty often from front to back and is babbling like crazy. At the library this week I had to nurse him just so he would be quiet so the other kids could hear the librarian reading the story. He loves talking right now.

First time in the Jolly Jumper!

Logan at about the same age in the Jolly Jumper.

Logan "helping" Jacob jump.

First time in the exersaucer.

Logan at the same age in the exersaucer.

In a cute hat.

Such a strong little guy!

- Logan has developed a couple obsessions lately. One is wearing bibs. It's probably because Jacob is almost always wearing a bib but he wants to a lot of the time too. He also loves money, well just coins. If he finds money he puts it in his wallet, his pocket or his piggy bank. He's always checking our pockets for change too.

Sporting a green bib.

Looking for his pocket...

Found it!

Digging in his wallet.

- Today we made our first real trip out to play in the snow. There just hasn't been much snow yet and it's hard to get both kids bundled up and get outside. I think I spent as much time getting them dressed as we did outside, but Logan had fun.

He loved riding in the sled (I think we need a bigger one though) and kept telling me to run and go faster!

Jacob was there too. Look how blue the sky was!

Getting around is much more difficult in full snow gear.

On the big boy swing!

- I'm attempting to work out and get a bit healthier now that it's the new year. I've been following Jillian Michaels 30 Shred DVD. It's a HARD workout but I do find it a bit easier each time i do it. We also have Wii Fit Plus now and try to get on there every once and a while.

- Scott and Logan started a dance class together tonight called Ya-Ba-Da-Ba Dance. Logan apparently loved it and showed me some of his new "moves" when they got home.

I'll finish out with some random pictures of the boys.

Cute guy.

Logan vegging out and zoning in on the TV.

He's quite the multitasker. He didn't want to put down his favourite toys to colour so he just juggled everything.

Logan doesn't often like to wait downstairs by himself while I try to get Jacob down for his nap (which sometimes takes a while). So he's taken to coming up with me and sitting in the glider reading until I'm done with Jacob. He sits so quietly and looks at books. Sometimes if Jacob gets really upset he'll say "Shh Jacob, it's ok." He's pretty cute. :)

The many expressions of Jacob..